Sunday, June 5, 2011

Adios Times Three

Three Goodbye parties. Three times to talk with our best friends. Three incredible times to realize how blessed we have been to land here in Akron, OH, if just for a short time. I have spent the last two weeks realizing how the Lord's hand is in everything. I am a better person since moving here. I have met amazing people. I have made mistakes. Said things I wish I could take back. Laughed when I shouldn't have. And laughed when I should have. Met people who have changed my life forever. And afterall...that is what it's all about. I am a better person for moving here. What more could I ask for? NOTHING!
Well, except for these THREE amazing sendoffs. Hold on tight. A lot of pictures to remind me of the people who I will miss like crazy!
Starting off. Rachel invited us out to dinner. (James calls her my ABF ((akron best freind)) They picked us up. Thinking we were going out to dinner just the four of us. We were excited. A night out. Until they pulled into the church parking lot...
We walked into the church. I could have killed her. I do not do parties well. If they're for me. Our friends were all there. They are amazing. Overwhelmed. Loved it. But I still could have killed her.

Jenn made us this amazing cake. Five kids and she made us this incredible cake. It was my favorite cake ever! It had a snowboarder coming down one side and skiis coming down the other. Don't you love it?

Party #2. Our Neighborhood Friends.

The blonde on the left (below) threw us this party. She is actually one of James' attendings at the hospital. Her kids go to school with ours. When we first moved here and I told my mom I was friends with one of James bosses, my mom was concerned. "I don't know if you should do that. What is James' gets fired or something. That could get really awkward."
I still laugh about that. Luckily, he never got fired and we are still friends.

Party #3. Go out with a BANG!
Ever since I moved here I have been hearing about Karaoke at a bar down the street from us. I told myself I was doing it before I moved. It's just one of those things. I have always wanted to do Karaoke with drunk people. What? I have. Deal with it. So, my neighbors were stoked. They had a designated driver. I was stoked. I couldn't believe I was actually going to go.

My sister-in-law was in town and I made her come with me. I wasn't sure if I was going to need back-up loading people in the car. I mean, I don't really get alcohol. I wasn't sure what to do. But it was AWESOME!
Stacy and I sang Poker Face by lady GaGa. While we were singing, I realized that I should have picked a song I actually knew the words to. I guess I picked it because I like the "P P P P P P Poker face part." Unfortunately, there were a lot of other parts besides the chorus. So I had to improvise with some amazing dance moves I had in my back pocket. I am pretty sure it was awesome. (insert sarcasm)
I begged my friends to do it. But it took them a couple drinks before they could get up there. A couple may be an understatement. After a little while, they were ready. They serenaded us with "Pour some sugar on me." Whatever song that is. Def Leopard, I think? The friend on the far left told me today that she couldn't believe how anybody does that sober. How did I do it? How do you not? A karaoke bar. People who will never remember who you are. A perfect opportunity to sing Poker Face....or Pour some Sugar on Me. Whatever.

I pulled in the driveway at 12:45. Probably the latest I had been out since before I was married. I thought about our three amazing send-offs. I made my way up the stairs. I peaked in on each of our three children sleeping soundly. I pulled the covers from our bed and snuggled up close to my sleeping husband. So grateful. So grateful for our lives. For our journey. For our friends. For the laughter. For the fear. For the anticipation of our future.
I guess we are on to the next. But not without memories. Not without being stronger, better, more faithful, more blessed, and more aware of God's hand in our lives.
Thank you Akron. We will never forget you. (especially since we still have a $150,000 investment in the form of a home that will keep a part of us here...if only in taxes.)