Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bad Mom

Four years ago...I was doing this with my baby girl

and tonight I did this...

I told her to choose two stories and wait for me in her bed. I would be up soon.
I wasn't soon enough.
She chose Cinderella and Hooray for Diffendoofer Day.
Not quite sure why I feel so bad. Maybe a sentimental day. I don't know.
But I do know one thing.
I love my kids.
Seeing her laying here. Innocently. Just waiting. Waiting for a mom who was too busy for her.
She will wake up and I KNOW she will remember. She remembers EVERYTHING.
It's exhausting, really.
But she will forgive me.
I think Heavenly Father gives us these experiences to help us remember.
Remember the most important things in life.To remind us that it is missing these moments that we will regret in 20 years. He doesn't want me to really regret it. He wants me to live it. And to love it.
I feel like a bad mom.
But my sweet Jake's voice is running through my mind.
A couple weeks ago he wanted to me play basketball with him outside. I did.
But only for small increments of time.
Luke was inside and kept crying everytime I left him.
I kept running back inside to comfort him and then head outside again.
Jake came in to ask me when I was coming back out to play with him.
I felt horrible. I wanted to play with him but I couldn't.
I told him, "I'm sorry you have a bad mom, Jake. I just don't have time right now."
He sat down next to me.
"Don't EVER say that again, mom. You're really, really good mom."
I almost started crying.
And I have REALLY, REALLY good kids.
And I never want to miss a moment.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Define: FUN

ORME Style
17 grandkids under the age of 12
12 adults
1 "Mansion"
1 swimming pool
2 hot tubs
1 tennis court
1 basketball court
1 playground with a playhouse
6 nights
...in St.George

Easter Morning. The best was Sam. He was explaining to the kids where the Easter Bunny hid the eggs. Except instead of Easter Bunny he inserted, "Chuck." Confusing to a bunch of kids. Luckily the older ones already knew that "Chuck" and the other dads were the Easter bunnies and the little kids it pretty much went right over their heads...phewww.

Joey and James with our babies who are three weeks apart. Couldn't get enough of these two together!Who's Who? hmmmm. Luke and Emily
Serious Water gun fights in the pool. Good thing Joey had his life vest on. The 5 foot pool may have done him in

 Sand Dunes....yes. Just like my own childhood...revisited. Loved it. Will and Josh

Naomi and Maddie

Thanks to the Utah Orme's, we all learned how to play roller hockey. I couldn't be happier. The kids and I all went on a roller blade walk tonight while taking turns pushing the stroller. I was in Heaven. I love roller blading.

Ne Ne and Annie Kate

Red Rocks! The opposite of a lazy Disneyland for kids. They were in Heaven

Sam getting ready to pull James in...
Thanks mom and dad! April 2013 was a success!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baptized Jake

Jake Ford
Baptized: March 29th 2013
Nickname: The Mooch
Status: Unavailable...
He is MINE
Jake couldn't have been any cuter on his baptism day.
We baptized him in Utah and almost ALL of his cousins were there. 
It was amazing.
We loved all of the support.
And Kindness.
We are.

                                     This baptized boy has two great grandmas. Lucky kid.

Who told you it is alright to grow so big? Little Stinker.
Love you, buddy.

You Know You're the Fourth Child When...

Your Six Month pictures actually aren't taken until 7 months

               The only time you have ever had Johnson and Johnson's baby wash was when the hospital sent home a trail size bottle with your mom. Luckily, you don't mind your mom's pantene pro v on your sensitive, adorable baby skin and face

When someone asks your mom what time you take naps, she responds...."uhhh, he is supposed to be on a schedule?"

By 7 months your mom has ruled out the peanut allergy. She walks in on a scene where you crawled up on your haunches to grab your brothers half eaten peanut butter/syrup dripping waffle from off of a shelf and you have it smeared all over that innocent little face of yours. Guess it's time for some more pantene pro-v...
You are the light of your brothers' and sister's lives. Every little thing you do or consonant you rasp...is recorded as the "cutest thing ever," in their memories.
Luke, you are definitely a gift.