Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our Mansion...

I love her.
You know those days...when you keep telling your kids...
"hold on, in just a minute, hold on, just a minute, let me just do this first..."
Naomi luckily doesn't give up on me very easily.
Lucky for both of us.
I finally gave her "five minutes" today.
It turned into thirty.
She made me sit on a dirty purple dish towel.
She explained to me as she was combing through my hair that she was giving me a massage.
And then she proceeded to "cut" and style. I looked amazing.
She told me that she was giving me a "massage and a make-over."
How does she even know what those things are.
As she was giving me these expensive treatments, she, of course, was imagining.
My absolute favorite thing about her.
"Alright mom, pretend we are living in a mansion. We are really rich. We can buy anything we want."
"Oh," I resonded, "I am just in love with our mansion. It is simply gorgeous."
"I know, I know," she replies. Than follows, "It is just the best to buy anything I want."
"I know," I respond, "our life is simply amazing."
We are both talking in accents.
We continue on forever.
It really is a different life living in a mansion. We even had someone cleaning the house while we were getting massages.
When it was Naomi's turn I did her nails. Two coats of paint. Different colors. That's what you do when you're rich and live in a mansion.
Here is to my daughter's imagination. An imagination that I pray will never leave her lonely.
Because she never leaves me lonely.

Mooch is 8...Mooch is Great!

 March 18, 2013. My Jakers turned eight. 8.
 On Frdiay we had a birthday party. Homemade pool noodle/pvc pipe swords.
"These are AWEEEESOME" Jake beamed when he saw the finished product

 It's the "Creeper." A character in his favorite Computer game, Minecreaft

 opening presents from his friends. He got two nerf guns among other items. Later that night he confided in me, "wow...turning 8 is amazing! You get waaaay better presents than you do when you turn 5 or 6." True, it is.
It just goes downhill from here, kid.

 Soooo. opening the one and only present from mom and dad on his actually birthday...before school. He couldn't wait. Luckily James was still home. So, here's the story. Jake never askes for anything. Easiest and hardest kid in the world to buy presents for. Easy, because he doesn't really care what he gets. Hard, because he never asks for anything specific.
This year he asked for an ipod touch. Everyone in his class has one. I shot that idea down a long time ago. "Sorry buddy. It is waaay too expensive. We don't get stuff like that for our birthdays."
Good Kid. He totally dropped it. It was off limits. Didn't even complain.
One day I was driving and I called James. I found a used ipod on craigslist. I asked if we could get it for him. I thought he would totally disagree. He didn't.
In fact, he completely surprised me.
"If we are going to give him one, can we at least give him one with a box. The poor kid always gets everything used. (even Christmas presents at times)."
So Jake, thanks to your dad, Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Jake's response..."I can't believe this. I actually can not believe this!" I thought I would NEVER, EVER get an ipod...Never!" "Oh my gosh...thank you SOOO much mom and dad."
We love you, Mooch.
He is getting baptized next week in Utah with all of his cousins. We can't wait.
Happy Birthday, Jakers

Saturday, March 9, 2013

6 months?

actually...he is almost 7 by now.
Poor guy.
4th kid.
I haven't even taken his 6 month pictures.
But I figured I had better put some candids up so when he is older he doesn't think I completely neglected him.
This kid is seriously...Amazing
Easiest baby ever.
Goes with the flow of this household
You would think he actually enjoys the chaos

already into the ipad

 thinking about crawling? Not quite

never leave Naomi alone with Luke. something like this might happen. and look how happy he is. I am just grateful she didn't drop him while getting him into this basket
We love you, Baby Luke aka: Goozers, aka: the Squinch, aka:the general

Naomi's Photo Shoot

So Naomi's Best Friends mom is a professional photographer with a studio in her basement. 
So what do cheap Mormons do?
abuse the system.
I am one of those.
She took these pictures for free.
And edited them.
And gave the images to me.
Nicer than nice.
I love her.
There are a lot more.
But these images are serious hugh quality.
They are taking forever to upload.
I guess that's what happens when you have an amazing camera.

Naomi's DBF

So James calls my friends by their "title"
He has labeled a DBF for me (Des Moines Best Friend)
and a ABF (Akron Best Friend)
Now I am naming Naomi's DBF (Denver Best Friend)
Her name is Maddie
Age: Just turned 5
Why she is her DBF:
They are unseperable
Naomi cries...I mean cries, if she can't go over to Maddie's house.
By the way...
She likes Maddie's house waaaaaayyy more than ours
It's huge
"Mom, Maddie even has a toy room...JUST for guests."
"Mom, when we are rich, can we move to a house EXACTLY like Maddie's?"
They happen to be in the same preschool class
and Sunbeam class at church
Total coincidence...I swear.
We didn't even know each other until a couple months ago
Maddie had two of these naturally, she gave one to Naomi
and they wear them to school on the same day to be twin sisters
Oh, and Maddie also loves Naomi's imaginary sisters.
Naomi has a lot of them
And Maddie knows exactly who they are
Which one is which
These two girls even wear BFF bracelets...
"It is sooo special to me, mom."
Here's to our new DBF!

Maddie's mom happens to be the amazing photographer who took these pictures one morning in her basement.