Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oldest Ford Boys

Will got a compound bow for Christmas. Archery is one of his "talents."
He practices even when the sun goes down. 
When Grandpa Geoff and Grandma Nettie came to town, they helped build a target in the garage. 
So after school, I park the car on the street and open up the garage and he practices.
Tonight I was out pitching to Jake and I hear Will ask, 
"Mom, do you know what?"
"I think I am the best qualified to protect this family."
No doubt.
He rocks!

Jake and Luke and I play baseball while Will is practicing. Luke laughs his head off as I make him tackle Jake. I know, I know. We kinda play a baseball/football mix. Tackling with a bat. It works.

the note Jake left of the ziploc bag for the tooth fairy.
At least he could have said, "please."
demanding, demanding.

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Lovers

I have been somewhat somber today.
My kids went back to school.
There is something about having them close to me all day.
I am selfish, I know.
But they're my "lovers".
Jake has been talking constantly about his "favorite" thing in life.
You know what it is?
"to lie in mom's bed with our whole family and watch a movie with all of us 
under the covers...even luke."
"can we do my favorite thing, mom?"
"can we do my favorite thing?"
I think we may just be able to swing it.

almost 5 months. Already has the Ford Strong Will. I will feed myself, thank you very much.
he screamed when I took the spoon away...seriously? you didn't even get any in your mouth.
and I guess I will clean it up.
Nothing ever changes.

Jake cut the words, "I love mom" in this piece of paper. I love you too, buddy.

Will wrote the word "mom" on this computer game out of bricks. If I knew how, I would have written his name beside mine...but I can't. Oh well.

Hello, Kitty? What's the point of putting one tatoo on your chest, when you can put 30?
Girl after my own heart.

I was laying in bed with Naomi listening to her Jesus songs CD. Our favorite song that we sing together came on.
"I like to look for rainbows...whenever there is rain..."
I held her close and whispered that whenever I hear this song,I think about her. It's kinda "our song."
She put her nose against mine and whispered back,"I think about you, too."

And there they Lovers.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Merry Christmas 2012

From our Family to Yours
Calm, Peaceful and beautiful.
Just us.

We had a pizza party the day after school got out. Each kid invited a friend...sans Luke. We ate pizza, drank root beer and made gingerbread houses.
The next day Jake's friend told his mom that the party was "epic."
We'll take Epic. Yes we will.

My Buddy

I snuggled next to Will in his bed the other night. All comfy in his covers. I put my arm around that big 9 year old body. He put his arm around my even bigger 33 year old frame. 
It was dark. Quiet. We didn't want to wake anyone. 
He whispered.
"Mom, you're really good at being a parent."

and you're pretty good at being my son.
Love you, buddy.

Grandma and Grandpa Orme Come For a Visit


getting ready for the big New Year's Celebration

going out to eat...again and again...spoiled kids...

only grandparents buy ice cream after buying cheesburgers

grandpa's underwater camera catching the action

We already miss you...