Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The EVE of Christmas EVE

James was not going to be home with us this year on Christmas Eve. In fact, I am praying that he gets home in the morning before the party begins. In leau of not having James, we decided to celebrate Christmas Eve last night.

A long tradition in the Orme home, we had all available children dress up in characters from the bible. We decided that if we are going to keep celebrating Christmas away from extended family, we need to have more kids to complete the nativity.

This is an action shot. James is reading from the bible, and William is trying to get Naomi to say her line. "behold, a baby is born." She never said it.

Our mantle.

Here we have Joseph, an angel and a wise man. I thought that Scout could be baby Jesus, but there would be no "babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger" this year. She would not comply. If she could talk, she would have said, "mom...that was so six months ago." All in all, one successful nativity for 2008.

Thanksgiving 2008

13 hours may seem like a long time...but my little brother Joey and his wife Ashley didn't complain about it ONCE! They drove all through the night from Kirksville, Missouri just to spend Thanksgiving with us. It still makes me emotional when I think about what a sacrifice it must have been for them and how great, and EASY they were to entertain. Actually, we didn't even entertain. They entertained us. Every time I saw them, I threw a baby in their arms or told them to chase after a three-year old. They always complied. It was awesome. We had so much fun. My brother sure made a great choice in a wife. I was always protective of him and worried who he would marry. My worry is OVER!

Christmas Decorating...over a month ago

So, even before Thanksgiving, we pulled out the Christmas decorations. We had a fun family tree decorating party, and came up one angel on top of the tree short. Due to a money situation, we improvised. Scout. She proved to be a great angel. At least until James' arms got tired and she decided it was time to go to bed. James decided to splurge and take Jake to pick out a tree topper. They spent $2. Believe me, the star they bought was not worth a penny more. It has since broken twice and is now extra shiny due to it's own duct tape that is so lovingly holding it together.

What more can I say? William is proud of his tree.

A year of firsts for Scout.

Thanks Smooch. I love you!

Yes! I finally got my girl. I have waited 29 long years for a daughter to love the day after Thanksgiving shopping with me.. She was just as into the ads as I was. We were both in heaven.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I really think that women have been wired for multi-tasking. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I love to see James struggling trying to put all three kids to bed and I silently listen to his frustrated tone as he tries to juggle all the mayhem. As a mother, you do not have a choice. If anything is to ever get done, multi-tasking becomes an essential, almost innate ability.
The other day I was holding a screaming baby on one hip, tossing chicken in the pan, checking on the browning of the bread in the oven and yelling down the stairs as a five year old was yelling up the stairs trying to write a get well card for a friend at school. "How do you spell, love?" he yelled up the stairs. In between the crying, the sound of the buring, popping chicken and a three-year old running around the house, I yelled back down the staris, "L". "What next," he yelled back. "O," I responded. "What?" he reapeated. Just then I yell, "Jacob, why are you naked?" "Jacob, get your clothes on now!" "I know, I know, Naomi." "I will feed you as soon as dinner is done." "Jacob, no, you are not allowed to be a naked wrestler." "Yes, William, an O." "I am almost done Naomi, just hold on." "Crap, the bread is burned." "Jacob, get upstairs and get your clothes on or you get tabasco."
These conversations are everyday. The chaso never lets up. When I only had one child I seemed to be more overwhelmed than I am now. I think that this is one of Heavenly Father's miracles. He stretches us beyond our capacity. For some reason, this usual dinner-time routine does not stress me out too badly, and by the time James walks through the door, Jacob is dressed, William's Get-Well card to his friend is finished and polished, we are all seated around the table with dinner before us. What have I done all day? James will never know. Equally, I will never understand what he has done. Perhaps multi-tasking. But than again, maybe not.
Sundays at church without James are equally as exciting. I have been alone at this time for 26 hours. I am exhausted from the night before and our little family parades into Sacrament meeting not a moment too soon. We find a bench and then the chaso begins. I lay my baby on the bench and give her a toy. My left hand acts as a barrier to keep her from rolling off. In my right hand, you will find a squirming kicking three year old in a head lock. I hold him tight as I hurry and open up the Sunday school manual on my lap. I was too tired last night to prepare. There will be no better time than now. I read a little bit, quietly yell at William to be more quiet and put Jake in a tighter head lock. Naomi seems content. I continue reading. Church continues and by the end of the meeting, I am ready for my lesson. I don't know how, but sometime between squeezing my children, feeding them smarties and cleaning up spit-up, I am ready. Multi-tasking. All mothers know what I am talking about, because all mothers have done these exact same things. It is part of us. It defines us. Multi-tasking. It's the only way to get anything done in motherhood.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

William Ford and Jessie James

O.K. Did nobody think to tell us this before we named our first born. This innocnet five year old pictured above is named William Ford. He apparently got his head stuck in his Spidey costume while using the restroom. James had to grab a picture.
Anyway, apparently William Ford was the one who assasinated Jessie James.
Dad, I am a little dissapointed you didn't know this, or if you did, you didn't think to tell us.
It kindof freaks me out. My own son.
As long as he keeps his head stuck in Spidey costumes, I guess there is really no need to be worried.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


There is nothing better than three mohawks in a tub.