Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Memories 2013

Valentine's Day came and went...but not without some amazing and embarrassing memories to boot.

I gathered the kids around and made them go on a treasure hunt to find the other half of their "heart" that led them to their Valentine gift. They loved it. The boys got not so dangerous versions of a pocket knife/camping utensil thingamabob, Naomi scored a dancing ribbon and Luke brought home a cute and cuddly bear. Even James found a nice big pair of chocolate lips. 
He'll take what he can get.

But the best gifts of all...came from our 7 year old, Jake. He wrote us all hand written notes. 
(I can't find James') In case you can't decipher 2nd grade writing, I translate at the bottom)

Dear Mom, since dad doesn't have a valentine for you I'll make one for you. I am giving you one. Your eyes are sparkling as light as the sea and your the only mother I could wish for. Love, Jake,your son

(side note: James did leave flowers for me in my car...thanks, honey)

Dear Naomi, I like that  you are my sister and you are one of the nicest girls i've known of and I'll try not to be as mean and I want you to remind me to not be mean.

Dear Luke, you're the best little brother I could ever have and you're doing good at sitting up.

Dear Will, you're a Archer master and I'm glad your my brother and I bet you hit the black dot ten times and your eye site is amazing and your the best I've ever seen at standing up to bullies.
To:Will Ford
Love: Jake Ford your brother

There are times when I feel deflated...defeated. The world may get the best of me. And then...one of my children makes everything right. 
I worry about my babies growing up in this place we call our world. I want a better one for them. But I know they are here at this time for a reason. A divine reason.
I remind them frequently.
God needs them...Now.
And so do I.

I didn't mean to outdo my 7 year old...but this picture speaks 1000 words.
I get a call at midnight...Valentine's Day.
My husband passed out at work and was taken by ambulance to the ER.
I call a friend...how I wish I lived by family...I probably would have sent my mom, because I knew, somehow, this would happen.
I don't do hospitals. I don't even do the local pediatricians office for well-checks.
Anyplace I may see blood.
Plus, the racing heart that my husband is in the ER. 
I walked in, saw him hooked up to machines and my face went white. 
I lay on the floor next to him. The gross, hospital concrete. I could feel another Ford passing out...
The nurse brought in another bed for me.
How humiliating.
I lay for some minutes until I got a hold of myself.
I kissed my husband goodbye and headed straight to the exit and drove myself home.
James had to catch a cab as soon as he was released.
What caused this Valentine's Day disaster...The Flu.