Sunday, December 22, 2013

December Happenings...

Naomi's FIRST ever dance recital. We were 20 minutes late and everybody was waiting for us. Seriously?? I was humiliated beyond belief. Every mom and dad and grandma and grandpa were sitting there...waiting for us.

A month ago I realized that James would be out of town A LOT the first little part of December. I called my mom and asked if she could send my dad out to keep us safe. I tend to get nervous when James isn't home. I should be used to it...and I kinda am. But I was having a moment one night...and my dad obliged. He didn't even call me a wimp. He just came...

And made the boys a terrarium. The only thing Jake wanted for Christmas was a Venus Fly trap. After Grandpa came...he had to come up with something else he wanted for Christmas...

 Jake has been wanting to go to the Melting Pot for two years now. It's a little who made his dream come true???

 Jake devouring the chocolate...

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Commander

This is our Commander. Really. That's what we call him. Sometimes we shorten it to "Mander." This kid. Hilarious. He was the BEST, BEST, BEST baby ever. And than he...turned into a FORD! You know those little tikes slides that say they are for kids 12-36 months?? Well, that was so 3 months ago...Luke graduated. Totally unimpressed with the easiness of the climb. He prefers the slippery kitchen table. Often. Anything that could possibly be climbed...Luke will find it. The dishwasher, the beds, any toy that is greater than one foot off the ground...anything. Oh, and you can't put him in his carseat...he prefers to climb..from the ground. Exhausting. Apparently he's a little on the slim size for his age. After his 15 month checkup the other day when he wouldn't sit still for 5 seconds without screaming...the doctor said, "well I guess we know why he's losing weight. He doesn't sit still, does he?"
He's our Mander. Tonight at Family Home Evening he just climbed right up on the shoe box where the kids stand for brag time. He stood there in his little footed jammies as we all talked about what a great baby boy he was. He just smiled his biggest grin. Not sure if he really knew what we were saying, but he was well aware that we were all adoring him...and he didn't mind one bit. And neither do we. We love the Commander. Thanks for bringing so much joy to our little home, Mander. We love you, buddy!

We're RICH!!

I love my Mooch. I was putting the kids to bed the other night. Exhausted. No James. Feeling like a failure. Not sure why. Than Jake came to the rescue.
"Mom, did you know that we are really, really rich?"
"we are rich, I know, but why do you say that?"
"Mom, just look around this house...look at it...every single one of us has our own bed to sleep in...and look at my bed mom...I even have TWO blankets on my bed."

Oh, Jake. I can't even imagine what this world would be like if everyone were just like you. A prefect world, for sure. THank you for being better than your mom. THank you for being an example. Jake...thank you for being YOU.  I love you, buddy.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Last night, Luke was asleep. Will and Naomi were downstairs watching a movie. James and I were in the backyard playing tackle snow football with Jake. We were out there for about 20 minutes. We came back in. I heard Will and Naomi call up the stairs to make sure it was us.
Apparently, they heard some strange noises. They couldn't find us. They thought we left. When we reassured them it was us, they ran up the stairs to our safety.
"Where did you guys go?" Will asked. We told him we were just in the backyard.
"Oh, well we heard some strange noises and Naomi got scared, so we were just downstairs and I got my pocketknife to keep us safe." He held up his pocketknife for me to see. A smile of pride ran across his face.
His sister's protector.
I laughed lying in bed that night. I'm not quite sure what he was planning to do with his knife. But he had it. A beacon of safety. A true Cub Scout!

Friday, November 22, 2013


My Mooch. He will always be "My Mooch." He is growing up too fast before my eyes. James and I have never really done a lesson for Family Home Evening. We usually have one of the kids plan a lesson, usually by the fly. We have them stand at the front of the room and talk about something they've been thinking about, worrying about, etc... Nothing is off limits. Well, within reason. We do have three boys...if you get my drift.
Monday night came around. Jake sat next to me on the couch. I leaned down and whispered that he was in charge of the lesson today. "OK," he responded. You never really know what they are going to talk about.
That night, I cried.
He began to tell us that in life, it's really important when you have a negative thought, to try to think a positive thought to cancel it out. He asked us for examples of negative thoughts we were having and he would help us turn it to a positive one.
I told him that every day I have a negative thought and I think, "why is my house ALWAYS a mess?"
Without hesitation, he said, "Well, mom, think about it this way...look around the house. Look at all the stuff you have in your house and you'll be grateful for everything you have."
I was shocked. Is this kid mine?
Everyone else gave him examples of negative thoughts and he changed them into positives without hesitation.
Than Naomi spoke.
"Jake, ummm, I get REALLY, REALLY, REALLY scared whenever mm leaves my room at night."
Jake didn't even think.
"OK, Ne Ne. This is what you do. You listen really quietly and you will be able to hear her footsteps so you know that she is there. But also, before she leaves you give her a really big hug and after she leaves you imagine her arms still around your neck and remember just how moms arms feel around your neck. You won't be scared anymore."
I cried.
This little boy. Mine. Well, really he's God's. But for some reason God loaned him to me. I know it's a short time. But I will savor every second. How could I not??

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Freaky Halloween 2013

Three weeks to make this beloved costume. Many hours at Staples. Even more hours at home. Thank goodness James stepped in and finished it up. I was losing my patience. Quickly. It had to be perfect. According to Will. I'm still recovering from costume making this year.

Will as "Steve...from Minecraft"

Spookiest witch in the West.

 Jake as "Enderman...from Minecraft." Many more hours on costumes. Still exhausted.

Last but not least...our little..."Ocelot." Bought the costume from Goodwill for $5. I thought it was a leopard, or a cheetah. But oh no. Heaven forbid a Ford should be something normal. The boys are certain...CERTAIN...that his costume most resembles an here he is.

 Naomi really, REALLY wanted a green wart. James came to the rescue again...not quite sure what he used but it did the trick!

 Pumpkin carving...

Our little Ford halloween Party. Witches Brew and Monster Donuts! Perfect end to halloween 2013!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Break for Fall...

A week off from school...what is a mom to do???
Lucky for us, we met my sister and her kids AND my parents in Durango, Co!
Doesn't sound say?
Oh...just wait!

The Durango-Silverton train....

My oldest nephew...he completely adores me as you can see...

Mesa Verde!!! The kids LOVED IT.

Thank goodness for Grandma. She took one for the team and stayed with Luke as we climbed the ruins.

And last but not least....THE 4 CORNERS! What childhood is complete without the 4 corners???

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Getting to Heaven...

"mom, I'm really nervous that I'm not going to get to the highest Heaven."

"Why, buddy? You're the best kid ever...of course you're going to the highest kingdom."

Will: "Well, I am just, really shy. I'm scared I'll never be able to ask a girl on a date and I can't get married if I can't talk to girls."

Mom: "Don't you worry about that for one minute. You are handsome and super smart. The girls will be asking you out!"

Will: "Oh, well I'm still nervous."

The other day Will used his amazing vocabulary to make James and I laugh out loud instantaneously.
He hear him say to Jake,
"Jake, your sense of frugality is just ridiculous."
So true, buddy. So true.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I was taking Naomi to school the other day and I noticed a new toy on the playground. "Oh my goodness," I exclaimed. "How fun." "Do you ever play on the new toy?"


"Oh, why not? It's looks so fun!"

"Well, the other kids do but I don't"


"Oh, mom. I'm just so busy chasing the boys!!"

Awesome...I told James that she gets this from him. His response...
"I don't know what you're talking about. I never chased boys."

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Last Night

James was working last night. Again. I asked if the boys wanted to come in my bed with me. Jake was dawdling. So it was just Will and I for a while. I'm pretty candid with my kids. Out of the blue, I just reminded him that I didn't want him to be popular. Will, at times, wants to be popular. We talked about the popular kids when I was at Elementary school and where they are today. We talked about how I was not popular in Elementary school and now I have the four best kids and husband in the world. We talked about how being nice is the only real way to be popular...that matters.
I told Will that I'm still not popular. And I don't care. There are people in our ward that have parties and sometimes I don't get invited. Some people think I'm wierd. And I am. And that's O.K. I'd rather be home with my kids anytime. I told him that we are different. Everyone is different.
Then he told me,
"Mom, I think they're just jealous of you.."
"why,?" I asked.
"cause you're a REALLY good mom."
I smiled. I pulled him closer to me.
"if anyone is jealous of me it's because I have a REALLY great kid."
"thanks mom."
Love you, buddy.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Love you, Buddy

So we started a car pool. Today was Mary's day for morning. I waited outside with my three boys at 7:45 in the morning. We sat out there and talked in the light morning breeze. Perfect. 
Mary zoomed around the corner and the mini van door slid open to welcome my two oldest boys. They jumped in. 
I waved and said good bye. Jake quietly motioned for me to hurry and come over. 
"What, what?" I asked. He said nothing. Just kept flagging me over hurriedly before the car sped off.
I ran up to the car. The van window was halfway rolled down. He said nothing.
Just popped his little 8 year old head out and threw his arms around my neck. 
"Love you, mom."
"oh, have no idea."
Just how much
I love you. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Garage Sale

 Will was sitting in the cafeteria at school one day. The topic of favorite pizza was brought to the attention of the table. Will chimed in.
"Little Ceasar's." The group teased him. Apparently, Little Caesar's is the WORST! And Parry's is the BEST. Will was humiliated. He knows that we only get Little Caesar's because it's so cheap. Luckily, he loves it. Such a good boy. I love him.
When our neighbors decided to have a garage sale...I had a GRAND idea. We would join them. Sell our old stuff. And hopefully...hopefully...go out to Parry's pizza so Will could feel part of the group.
 We did it. I prayed for $30! Our efforts payed off. $60 later...we were headed off to a good old night of family fun. Not only did we "sit down" at Parry's, we got cheese bread as well.
And after...well, let's just say we had enough left over to go to...
 31 Flavors!!! Our kids had never been there either. Sorry to any of you Baskin Robbins lovers...but it's not that great. The kids thought it was fun...but nothing that we are dying to re-visit anytime soon.
It was an awesome night!! The kids loved it! And of course, James and I probably loved it even more.
We love these guys!!

Awesome Weekend

 James and the boys heading out to Father's and Son's...Will with his bow and arrow
Jake with his air soft gun...James with his two oldest boys...
All had their favorite things!

 I talked my friend into doing the "dirty dash" race with me. She has a daughter who's friends with Naomi. The girls came with us and cheered us on. They also joined us in the last half mile.
Super Fun! I loved having her with me!!!

Naomi and Sabrina...great names... Naomi towers over all of her best friends. Just came from the doctor and she's 97% for height. I guess that explains her overbearing nature!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our Little Monster is 1, One, Uno

My baby. Literally. My baby.
is 1...

 scared to death...not sure why anything scares this kid after living in our house for a year.
 now he's got it down... sugar:check, blue food coloring: check, tons of attention: check
 hey there, big guy

We were in Utah for his First birthday. Party at Grandma Cheryl's. 
Throw up everywhere an hour later was at Grandma Netties.
Person who got up with him all night with a aching tummy...that would be me. Mom. 
Love you, Buddy.
Will is dying for me to have another baby. He LOVES Luke. He thinks he is the cutest thing to ever be put on this Earth. He says he doesn't even care if God sends us a girl. Wow.