Sunday, November 24, 2013


Last night, Luke was asleep. Will and Naomi were downstairs watching a movie. James and I were in the backyard playing tackle snow football with Jake. We were out there for about 20 minutes. We came back in. I heard Will and Naomi call up the stairs to make sure it was us.
Apparently, they heard some strange noises. They couldn't find us. They thought we left. When we reassured them it was us, they ran up the stairs to our safety.
"Where did you guys go?" Will asked. We told him we were just in the backyard.
"Oh, well we heard some strange noises and Naomi got scared, so we were just downstairs and I got my pocketknife to keep us safe." He held up his pocketknife for me to see. A smile of pride ran across his face.
His sister's protector.
I laughed lying in bed that night. I'm not quite sure what he was planning to do with his knife. But he had it. A beacon of safety. A true Cub Scout!

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Elise said...

How cute. Every girl needs a big brother like that!