Thursday, October 30, 2014

THE Backyard

 Ever since I was young...I had this marvelous dream of having my very own family. A family of blonde hair, crazy kids who made me laugh and play. I dreamed of a backyard that was completely fenced in. A backyard where we could just be a family. A backyard where I would someday play catch just as my dad did with me. A backyard where my kids learned to kick the ball, throw the ball and climb trees. A backyard that brought my kids as much joy as my backyard did to me. 13 years of marriage and 4.5 kids dream came true in Omaha, Nebraska. I never would have imagined. Omaha. But here we are. As happy as we ever were. In our gigantic backyard that backs to a "forest" where the kids have a tree house and an archery range.  A swingset and a patio. A hill to race their homemade go cart down. A perfect place. To be a family. 

Last night when James got home, I retreated up to my bedroom. I was completely exhausted from making four different things for dinner and two kids who still refused to eat. I threw myself on my bed...thinking about crying. I opened my scriptures and started looking for peace. Peace came. From outside my window. I heard my husband playing with the kids. Every single person was laughing hysterically. There were balls being thrown. There was mischief being created. There were memories being made by the second. I closed the sacred book and decided to listen to the sacred music coming from outside my window. The laughter never ceased. Each child took turns creating the peaceful music that I realized I could never tire of. My husband enjoying the dream that I imagined so many years ago. He was dressed in slacks, a shirt and tie. Straight home from work. I could hear that handsome man laughing with my kids and I could see him in my mind... in his handsome clothes. Peace. Complete peace. Joy? Yes. This is exactly what our world is desperately seeking. And I had it right outside my window.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

First day of School...2014

 With a new state...comes a new school. Or, schools, to be exact. Will started Middle school!
Watch out Omaha, Nebraska...the Ford kids are taking over!! We have a 6th grader, 4th grader and 1st grader....leaving all day for Luke and I to fill with cleaning the house and playing 2 year old peek a boo.

Luke was sad to lose his three biggest fans and best friends...he kisses them every day from his car seat and runs to them when he sees them after school. Kindof a payoff...they all seem happy to see each other after a long day away...let's hope it never changes!

Adjusting Nicely...

 Nearly 4 months in our new home...and we are finding lots of fun things to do...

 He's loving it and for now he says, " I think I should probably just stick to one sport. I've got tons of homework."

 Naomi let me be her soccer coach for her first season ever! UNDEFEATED 6 YEAR OLDS! I was extremely pregnant and had Luke on my hip most of the time due to James' crazy schedule, but all in all, it was one fun season. Naomi thinks she may just be a professional soccer player when she grows up...but she says it's "really, really tiring and I don't give enough water breaks." Life is tough, Kid!

Jake enjoyed his own bout with soccer. Was a stellar defender. He claims most of his talent is in defending. Same when he played football and now basketball. Hilarious. But most importantly...he always came off the field with a smile. I like that. I really, really like that!