Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Adjusting Nicely...

 Nearly 4 months in our new home...and we are finding lots of fun things to do...

 He's loving it and for now he says, " I think I should probably just stick to one sport. I've got tons of homework."

 Naomi let me be her soccer coach for her first season ever! UNDEFEATED 6 YEAR OLDS! I was extremely pregnant and had Luke on my hip most of the time due to James' crazy schedule, but all in all, it was one fun season. Naomi thinks she may just be a professional soccer player when she grows up...but she says it's "really, really tiring and I don't give enough water breaks." Life is tough, Kid!

Jake enjoyed his own bout with soccer. Was a stellar defender. He claims most of his talent is in defending. Same when he played football and now basketball. Hilarious. But most importantly...he always came off the field with a smile. I like that. I really, really like that!

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