Monday, January 30, 2012


Alright, first of all, just to re-cap...
his name is Will. Not William. Did you get that? Call him WILL! Or he may just punch you.

2nd. He's a scientist. Well, a chemist. As he was experimenting in my kitchen I heard him say,
"Isn't chemistry just sooooo interesting. A world without Chemisty is a world of chaos."
So true, young Will.

And...some super exciting news.

1st place in the Pinewood Derby. He's off to regionals!
Car name: Lightning Cobra.
Creator: Will Ford
Honestly, there was no manipulation by dad. I swear. Just sanding, gluing on weights and Will painted his own design with Naomi's washable paints. And...ta-da. A champion was born!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sugar and Spice

Oh...the old adage. Sugar and Spice and everything nice...that's what little girls are made of.
Yesterday after we dropped the boys off at school, I heard that innocent, sugar and spice voice in back of me chirping,
"Justin Bieber is a wiener,
I could beat him up
with my pinky finger"
Her brothers taught her that. I rolled my eyes. But the next part...oh, the next part. She came up with that ALL on her own.
"And if I pulled his pants down
I could see his penis."

Then she laughed hysterically.
And then asked,
"Is that funny mom, is that funny?"
"That's soooo funny mom."

Adorable. Isn't she?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Winter Break 2011

We spent most of our Christmas Break in Utah this year. Half with Daddy. Half without. Half laughing and playing with our cousins and half complaining about why we can't see our cousins more.
Best part for mom: NO BRAINER. Taking BOTH my boys up the mountain. Jakes FIRST time. Will is getting great. My first day up was going to be our only time. However, as I was watching Jake ski down between Uncle Joey's legs and watching Will try harder than ever to navigate the terrain, I realized that he needed one more day to gain the confidence he needed.
We packed back up again the next day.
SUCCESS! Will did AWESOME. Since Uncle Joey wasn't with us I had to keep Jake between my legs the whole time but he didn't seem to mind. He was yelling, "wow...this is sooo fun. Why didn't you tell me how fun this was? I thought it was going to be so boring. This is super fun, mom."

Driving down the mountain, Will decided he REALLY was ready for skis next Christmas. And probably poles. Since he's really, really good.

The blessed Dora guitars Grandma Cheryl gave Naomi and Maggie. Unfortunately, they must have been left at Grandma Cheryl's. A mistake...I promise.

Cousin Sammy's 10th Birthday party

How can it be Christmas without a trip to temple Square, three screaming children and freezing cold weather?

Christmas 2011

Christmas Morning 2011 at Grandma Nettie and Grandpa Geoff's
We slept over with Josh, Maddie, Ty Ty and baby Olivia
(something to be remembered...)

I love Ne Ne's enthusiasm for the wooden cradle I bought for her months ago, refinished in her favorite hue of pink and hauled in our car through the Wyoming mountains to get it there on Christmas morning. Not quite sure if my work was worth it. Oh, well.

Naomi tells me at least once a week that when Maddie's dad and her dad finish their work they are going to live by each other and be neighbors. Let's hope!

Christmas Eve at the Orme's

Serious game of Monoploy

Grandpa Geoff had made bow and arrows for all of his grandkids. The far away cousins got theirs at Christmas. Awesome!

Acting out the Nativity

Christmas Morning at the Ford's.
Grandma Cheryl made them all put hats on and sing Christmas songs. "...oh what fun..."

Until next year.