Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Break 2011

We spent most of our Christmas Break in Utah this year. Half with Daddy. Half without. Half laughing and playing with our cousins and half complaining about why we can't see our cousins more.
Best part for mom: NO BRAINER. Taking BOTH my boys up the mountain. Jakes FIRST time. Will is getting great. My first day up was going to be our only time. However, as I was watching Jake ski down between Uncle Joey's legs and watching Will try harder than ever to navigate the terrain, I realized that he needed one more day to gain the confidence he needed.
We packed back up again the next day.
SUCCESS! Will did AWESOME. Since Uncle Joey wasn't with us I had to keep Jake between my legs the whole time but he didn't seem to mind. He was yelling, "wow...this is sooo fun. Why didn't you tell me how fun this was? I thought it was going to be so boring. This is super fun, mom."

Driving down the mountain, Will decided he REALLY was ready for skis next Christmas. And probably poles. Since he's really, really good.

The blessed Dora guitars Grandma Cheryl gave Naomi and Maggie. Unfortunately, they must have been left at Grandma Cheryl's. A mistake...I promise.

Cousin Sammy's 10th Birthday party

How can it be Christmas without a trip to temple Square, three screaming children and freezing cold weather?

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