Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer 2013 Part 2 (dos)

Lucky enough to head to good ol' Salt Lake for a couple weeks. Have my parents do my laundry, feed me and most importantly give me someone to talk to all day long.

We hit the Bees game with some of the Ford's. We loved it! THe kids got free t-shirts but as you can tell, Naomi is the only one who will ever wear the shirt again...

Fourth of July with the Indiana Orme's.
 Fireworks with Grandpa Geoff. Let's just say Orthopedic Surgeon/Eagle Scout/maybe not a lot of common sense with 8 kids of the fireworks was a dud...never lit...No Fear...Geoff Orme is here. He disappeared inside the house and came back with a bottle of gasoline. Needless to say...the firework lit. And lit. And lit.

We also lit some fireworks in mid-day with Grandma Cheryl. Why not??? It's the Fourth!

Oakley Rodeo!!!

 Riding the Mechanical Bull...a yearly tradition.  This is Will rockin it!!!

Jake showin' that thing who's Boss.

Luke...the Cutest little Cowboy in town

Going in to Swim Lessons

Diving Lessons

Raging Waters....times 3, Three, III

These two sillies getting in to Grandma Nettie's make-up. And jewelry. And Clothes. Maddie wore this shirt of Grandma's all a dress. Don't worry. I made sure she had underwear on.
Oh, and did you notice the moles??? Maddie says that every beautiful princess has a mole. These two did not disappoint! They were hilarious.

Naomi and Maddie with the catch of our fishing adventure

Will loves blood and guts...even on fish

Joey and Eliza....too cute

Pukester....that's what I call him now. A term of endearment...I promise

The Mooch

Fishing with no shoes. Hey there, Huckleberry Finn

Grandpa Geoff bought new fish for his ponds... super exciting...Just hoping there are still some alive after these little hands caught and released them every day

Jolley Corner's for snow cones...awww. those things are good

We were even lucky enough to overlap with our friuends from Ohio....
This is Naomi and Hannah Banana
 Will and Leah

Rachel and I

Jake and Noah

 More swim lessons

hot box in the backyard

Olivia swinging Lukester

The Hammock...a hit

late nights with Cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's house

We love our families...Thank you for letting us stay!!!! Summer part 2 was simply...AMAZING!