Saturday, January 29, 2011

Break the Rules Night

Jake had a horrible, no good, very bad day on Wednesday. So much so, that he had a complete meltdown. Throwing, hitting, screaming, yeah...whatever you can think of. By bedtime, I decided to take a step back. I realized that James and I had just been "speaking mean" (that's what Jake calls it) and it wasn't working.
I walked in his room, threw myself on his bed and tried to ask why this "was the worst day of his whole life." Sounds traumatic, I know. I was sympathetic to his hard and demanding schedule for a 5 year old. Life actually really is hard for these little critters. He has to be as smart as I was in 3rd grade. He's only in Kindergarten. Poor kid. The pressure really can get on your nerves. So...we decided that the next night, a Thursday night, would be our first annual "Break the Rules Night." What is that you ask. I will tell you.
The Ford's are breaking the rules.
It was a school night. But guess what?
We were going to stay up and watch a movie. We were going to play games, have fun and eat cake and ice cream. It was going to be a party after all. Usually parties are on the weekends. But THIS was a Break the Rules Party. And it was on a Thursday. We, the Ford's, are rebels. If you hadn't already known.
I spent Thursday making cakes, frosting and getting ready. I was so excited!
I picked the kids up from school. Well, we didn't even get home without a major setback. You see, we pick up Leah, our neighbor after school. By the time we got to her house, she was in tears. William hurt her feelings. He was making up songs about peeing on people and he used her name in one rendition. It didn't go over very well. It really hurt her feelings. I don't blame her. How would you like a little boy singing about peeing on you?
So, as a consequence, William had to write her an apology note and give her some of his "Break the Rules cake." That was nearly a disaster. He flipped out. But it had to be done.
After a few more hours of fighting, yelling, throwing lego hero factories at each other, I quickly scarfed down dinner and felt like crying. What was for dinner? I can't remember. Oh, wait. Yes I do. It was SUNDAY dinner. Roast, mashed potatoes, rolls, gravy, carrots. The whole nine yards. Who says you can't have Sunday dinner on a Thursday night. It was "Break the Rules Night" after all. James walked through the door. I walked up to my room. It was 8:00 P.M. I never came back downstairs. I remember James walking into my room and saying, "Are you asleep?" I remember thinking about it. My response, "Uhhh, I 'm not sure." He shut the door. I woke up the next morning. Wow. I didn't imagine that I would ever be the one breaking the rules. But I did. I'm not quite sure if they had their party without me.
The boys asked if we could try again. For another "Break the Rules Party." I'll have to think about it. I'm still tired from this one. I mean, I only got 11 hours of sleep.
Here's to Breaking the Rules.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Little Bodies

Naomi and our little neighbor. Naomi is desperate for female attention. They made a bed on my kitchen floor as I was making dinner. Don't worry. I just stepped over them.

William and Jake showing off their Lego creations!

Popcorn Popping during Family Home Evening.

Little Bodies = Big trouble. I know. I knew about 7 years ago. It hasn't let up.
Today was Martin Luther King Day. Me, being such a wonderful mother ordered tickets to go and see our first show at the downtown Civic Theatre, The Festival of Nations. Dances from around the World. I was sooo excited. We went down a little early so that, you know, how I am such a good mom, I thought it would be fun to take the kids to the oldest candy store in Akron. A tiny little shop full of different candy like you see in the movies. A child's paradise. They each ordered their own treat and took their little white paper bags with them. So cute.
We entered the theatre. It was like Disneyland. Kids in every corner. My worst nightmare. We walked to our seats and sat there and I was wondering why in the heck the show wasn't starting. We soon figured out that they said the show started at 11:00 because they wanted us to be there an HOUR early (with our children) tp have plenty of time to buy the vendor's goods from all over the country. Are you serious? An hour went by and the show finally started. Let's be honest, any activity after an hour with three active children should be about all you try to accomplish in a 24 hour period of time. But we were just getting started. I hadn't fed the kids lunch. My secret plan was to go to the show from 11:00-12:00 and surprise daddy at work and eat with him. That obviously wasn't going to work. So I went down to the concessions (another racket) and found out that they don't take credit cards. Of course. I ran across the freezing cold street to slide my little plastic card in that big money machine. I went in to buy three slices of pizza. The first child says, "I hate this kind of pizza." The second child replies, "Oh, I don't like pizza." The third child declares, "ewwww!" Funny enough, a friend of ours took a piece off my plate and ate it with delight. I barely knew what happened. At least someone enjoyed the $6 pizza.
30 minutes of dancing. The middle child was already bored. I was telling him to hang on because the show would be over soon. It was. Well, at least the 1st third was over! Th 1st intermission? I was done. Who in the world puts on a dancing show for young children with two intermissions. I mean, I understand we have a lot of diversity in this great state of Ohio...but 3 HOURS WORTH!
I ended up taking a screaming Naomi out after the people in front of us moved two different times to dodge her Dora shoes banging on the backs of their heads. Jake followed me screaming how boring it was. Naomi cried the whole way to the car. And it was quite a walk. I love how downtowns never have anyplace to park. It's like a universal travesty.
So, from 10:30 - 3:00 we were in and out of the blessed Festival of Nations.
I probably won't be going again.
It was clear from the people around us that I was not the great mom that I knew I was going into that place.
Funny. Just like how I was such a great mom before I had kids.
It's never like you plan. never.
Happy Martin Luther King Day.

I love the Mooch

Jake with his best buddy Noah.

So...the Mooch. The middle child. A love.
He has been cracking me up lately.
1. "Jacob, seriously, why do you have to act so crazy. You make mommy so tired."
His response, "mom, when I am a adult I won't act like this, I promise. But mom I'm a kid and this is just what kids do. O.K, mommy?"
2. "Hey, mom. Guess what? We got two new students in my class today. And guess what? One of them is even White! I can't believe it. We got a white student!"
3. So, you know, how I was so excited about Jake wearing socks and underroos to Kindergarten. Well, now that it is halfway through the year, the threat that it is against the law to not wear these items isn't working anymore. He has learned better. My solution. Every morning he has to at least choose ONE. Socks or underwear. He usually chooses socks. So please, no one pants this kid.
4. We met my brother and sister-in-law at the Columbus Temple. They were so nice to remember to bring Jake his Christmas present. Jake opened the present that his cousins had been so excited to give him. He saw it, he looked at them and stated, "Does this thing come with a money back guarantee?" Apparently it wasn't what he wanted.
I love you Mooch.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


O.K. So I know there are many types of SAD. Predominantly out here, in Akron, OH, SAD is Seasonal Affective Disorder. It's pretty hard NOT to catch it out here. But this isn't the SAD that I have. Well, actually, I am kindof a hypochondriac, so I probably do have SAD now that I think about it. But whatever. To be honest, I have been SAD all week. Why?
My babies went BACK to school.
We had the BEST, most relaxing last week of vacation ever. Wanna know why?
The kids were all just a TAD sick. Now, being Ford's, being just a tad sick is a great thing. It just took the EDGE off of their super, energetic and exciting little personalities. But they never got "doctor sick", you know what I mean. Just the good, kindof cruddy sick.
The kids LITERALLY (the kids ALWAYS use the word LITERALLY) actually got "dressed" twice all week. It was amazing! They stayed in their jammies, watched movies, played with their new toys lovingly together, (remember, they had the "crud drug") to just take that edge off, and we lived happily ever after...all week. We were so so so sad on Sunday night.
In fact, I missed the boys so much that Naomi and I went over to their school during lunch just to say hi to them in the lunch line. We exchanged kisses and how much we missed each other and then we left.
However, during our "sick week" we did happen to get dressed twice.
Both times WELL worth it.
Sledding once.
Ice Skating next.
Good-bye Christmas Vacation 2010.
We're alreaddy counting down for next year.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why I love my daughter...

1. She was the toughest kid on the sledding hill. She got knocked over head first, did a somersault and stood up with her hands in the if she had just completed in the Olympics.
2. I sat and played Barbies with her today and caught myself dressing barbie as cheerleading barbie and moved her arms as I chanted my old high school cheers. "E, pump it up, pump it up, H S, come one, come on let's cheer and shout what else what else we're the best!" She loved it.
3. She LOVES going shopping with me. We love looking for bargains together and she will even let me know what clothes I may or may not purchase for her.
4. She loves princesses. And she loves being tough. It is the BEST! She rarely cries when she gets hurt...only when she gets her feelings hurt. She loves pink, and then turns around to take on her brothers in a wrestling match. Today she ran into her dad shouting, "Wrestle me daddy, wrestle me." Only to be followed by a showing of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
5. When I laid down to put her to sleep tonight, I ran my hands through her thin, blonde hair as she vanished into dreamland. I couldn't help but feel complete excitement and wonder. Just hoping, waiting...for my best little friend to grow up.