Sunday, June 9, 2013

First Week

Summer 2013

Fishing Class...always room to improve on our mad fishing skills

tons of rollerblading in the church parking lot. Apparently Naomi is more into the song and dance thing.

                                                       eating strawberries by the water

                                     I told Will and his friend Colin to flex...this is what I got
 this is Will and Colin again...two peas in a pod or what??? Colin is moving this week an hour away. It would not be outlandish to say that Colin was a direct answer to our prayers before moving to Denver two years ago. You only come across true friends a few times...Colin is one of them.

Skate City. Ohhh how I wish james had been there and I could have put my hands in his back pockets while skating to Forever Young!!! ha! Total memories. Every where we move...I pray we have a Skate City. A place where memories are made.

A BMX track by our house. It rocks! We went twice last week and already have plans to go twice this week with friends. It is like a Little kept secret over one is ever there...but I am now worried that people are going to start finding out about it...especially when I keep inviting everyone to our new special spot.


                                   apparently Luke can now crawl over the gate on the stairs...

I put Jake on Luke duty on Saturday during our chores...
this is his definition of babysitting. He cornered the poor kid with his toys so he couldn't get out. 

Sunday afternoon...Jake wanted to bike to church. is at least three miles away. I followed him in the car as far as he wanted to go. On the way home...the same thing. He did great.
         Here's to the rest of Summer 2013...already loving it...bed at 10...up at 10. Life at it's BEST!

It came to a close....

The last day of school.
Jake with his teacher, Mrs. Harms

                                                    Will with his teacher, Ms. Goldin

I don't have a picture of Naomi at preschool graduation because she was so exacerbated to be done with school that she wouldn't even let me pull out my hard to be five.

                                     Luke is in the "eating solids school" Doing a great job. And he graduated from the "I got my first tooth school." When he was four weeks old I called my friend and told her that Luke was teething...did you get that??? Four WEEKS. He was drooling like crazy. Well, 9.5 months later the tooth finally came in. I was a little off.
Here is to the newest 5th, 3rd, Kindergarten and Stay at Home with my Mommy for 4 more years Ford's. I'm so proud of all of you.

Highlights for the year:
Will learned all about the birds and the bees from several friends at school. Sweet. It's been a long year.
Jake rocked it at starting to like a school a little more. He only wanted to me to come to lunch a handful of times this year unlike every day last year.
Naomi, according to her...she "hated preschool and it was the most boringest thing in the world..all she did was learn and recess was so short." According to her mom...she loved it. Just being tough like her brothers. It's really not cool to like school.
Luke is doing great and takes more physical abuse than any kid his the same breath, hardly ever cries and loves being the center of attention