Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bad News...and Good News

First, the bad news. I confessed it to James the other day.
I am only 24 weeks pregnant and my thighs are already colliding with each other when I walk. Bad, Bad sign. 16 weeks to go. Plus, usually the greatest weight gain. As a result, you will probably not see too many pictures of me on the blog for about, ummm, another year. I am sure you're heartbroken.

But, there is ALWAYS good news at the Ford house to help us remember the truly important things in life. You will never guess what happened last night at bedtime.
Jake asked to BLOW HIS NOSE!
He is SEVEN! 7, people. THis kid has been congested since the day he was born. Sometimes he is so congested he can't talk right and he wheezes just to breathe. But heaven forbid should he blow his nose.
"I hate how it feels. It hurts to blow. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it."
Many times James and I have strapped him down, threatened his life, dodged his swings, just to get to the boogers on the EDGE of his nose.
But we may be at a crossroads people. Of course, being his parents, knowing his temperament, we didn't even act like it was a big deal. He can't know we are proud of him. It might ruin his desire to do so.
So, please, next time he blows his nose without being threatened, don't applaud him. Let him go in peace. With his own sense of satisfaction.
But, it doesn't mean that I didn't have a huge grin on my face as I fell asleep last night.
The simple things.
I love the simple things.

What do you do....

when daddy gets new tires for his car???

Well, if you're this mommy, you throw the old tires in the trunk, head to Home Depot. Spend $10 on rope. Head back home. Use your seriously good rope tying skills from your years of experience attending Boy Scout Camp with your dad.
Tell the kids they have the best mom ever.
And push them so hard they bump into the tree.

Science Fair

Our 8 year old budding scientist who is obsessed with potty humor decided to use his current obsession to create a great science project. He grew bacteria from everyday objects to "prove the innocence of the toilet seat." His project title.

Guess what? If you thought toilet seats were dirty, you aint seen nothing compared to your kid's BACKPACK! Yep. I told Will that now he has the best weapon for the bullies at school. Wipe his backpack on them!!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

I love

So I was just laying in bed with Naomi too tired to start our nightly singing routine and it dawned on me. I had never played the I with her.
When the boys were little and I would sing them to sleep, every once in a while I would tell them that I am the only one allowed to talk and I was going to snuggle them while telling them all the things I love about them.
So tonight I explained to Naomi the rules.
She seemed excited.
She lay snuggly in my chest as I began.
I love Naomi because....
I went on for about 15 things.
The boys just used to lay still and smile when they heard all the great things about them.
Naomi was quite the opposite.
Every time I said something it was as if I had given her the greatest compliment in the world.
She couldn't stop kissing me and saying, "oh I love you too, mommy."
Lastly I said,
"and I love Naomi because She is my daughter."
Naomi gave me a huge kiss on my cheek, snuggled as close as she could get to me and replied,
"and I love my mommy because she makes me laugh."
Naomi could very well be my one and only daughter.
So I guess the Lord saw fit to give me the best.
I love you, Ne Ne.

Easter Pics 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

This Kid

Jake has been cracking me up lately. I guess he is really just growing up before my eyes.
The other day he found his pocket knife that Grandpa Geoff gave him. He went directly outside and started carving knives out of sticks.
Will got a hold of it.
Will started carving as well and ended up cutting himself.
I flipped out.
I told them that niether of the boys were to use their pocket knives without adult supervision.
Jake responded.
"oh, come on mom. I am pretty much just like grandpa Geoff when it comes to pocket knives."
What do you mean Jake?
"I can pretty much do anything he can do with a pocket knife. I even know how to use it safely. I am not going to cut myself. I'm just like Grandpa Geoff."
(not a good case for yourself, kid)

Yesterday I was sick as a dog. I called the kids in from outside and made them sit on my bed and watch TV while I prayed for James to get home.
Ne Ne stayed with me but the boys went down on the computer.
All of the sudden I hear a frantic Jake yelling throughout the house calling for me.
I mustered my strength and called to him to come upstairs.
Of course he didn't come up. He just yelled.
"Yes," I yelled back.
"PHEW. I was WORRIED SICK that she was gone. I've been looking EVERYWHERE for her."

I was just tucking the kids in bed and Jake says,
"you know, sometimes I wish you were the one that went to work because dad is the only one that like wrestles with us and stuff. Do you think you could go to work?"

Honestly kid. Seriously. Do you even want to go there?
First of all, your dad could never do my job...but even more so...I could never, ever do his job.
So I guess your stuck with a way boring mom who only takes you to the park, on hikes, let's you have parties with all of her clean blankets outside, let's you jump off the stairs onto a bed of pillows (your dad would never have let you done that, kid), lets you sleep in her bed when dad's not home, makes you three things to eat for dinner just so you don't starve to you want me to go on?

I love you, Mooch

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ford Number 4

It's official.
We're having a BOY.
I kindof had a hunch.
At 17 weeks my OB pulled in an ultrasound machine and said, "let's just take a look and see if we can tell."
She couldn't.
But she said, "well, you've got a mover."
And then she watched him some more and said,
"well, it's actually more like a kick-boxer."
I responded, "it's a boy."
I've known ever since.
But yesterday they confirmed my hunch.

Naomi is actually taking the news quite well.
Will is ecstatic.
Jake is just, well, happy. He said he would be happy with anything. Cute kid.
Everything looks great.
We are now on the countdown for August when the little guy will finally be able to be tackled, wrestled, kissed and loved.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

James Thirty Six

His homemade birthday cake. I figured I would write the summation of his last year in three words. All three of the kids will constantly ask, "when is daddy coming home so we can wrestle?"
Jake is the best.
As soon as he gets in the car after school he grabs my cell phone and phones his dad.
"Uh, dad, when are you coming home?"
We know why he wants his dad to come home.
Jake usually hangs up the phone and announces,
"dad will be home in like 5 or 6 hours."
why does he have to remind me?

best birthday present ever...I'm such a clever wife.

We love you, Dad!
Please no comments on his receding hair line. He is very self-conscious. I told him I was going to post the picture anyway. After all, he is 36. Isn't that supposed to happen?