Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mooch Number Seven

Our Mooch is officially 7. Yep, 7.

He is VERY recently into soccer. He has told both my mom and my dad that I have "gotten worse" at soccer because he can 'actually beat me."

He made a fort outside for us on his birthday so we could just be together as a family. I love this kid.

He is TOTALLY into snakes. At one point during the present planning process that took about a month, his only wish for a birthday present was for his mom to like snakes enough to let him get one.
Unfortunately, it's not so much the snakes that freak me out, it's me having to feed the snakes mice. Really, really. He pinky promises that he will feed the snake. Yeah, right. Who feeds the gecko, Mooch?

He got a green velcro wallet for his birthday. Among his favorite gifts. Last night in bed he was thumbing his wallet admiringly. He held it between his hands. He played with it in his hands. He had the look on his face as if he were finally a man. A grown man. He then got this enormous grin and looked up at me with his gorgeous brown eyes.
"Guess what I'm getting for my next birthday, mom?"


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Advice from the Ford Children

My little guys have been giving each other some seriously good advice lately. First, the eldest, apparently has become interested in politics.
I heard him saying,
"People used to think that Barack Obama was the best president in history becasue he was the first black president. Well, now they know that they were wrong. He just wanted to be president to glorify himself. Not help anyone. Do you know what I read on the internet? It said, "Barack Obama thinks that the American workers are political pawns." We are not political pawns. I really, really hope that Mitt Romeny wins."

Then soon after the boys and I were driving to the school Mother/Son night. Jake informed us that he had a girlfriend. Her name is Olivia. They don't really talk much but he is pretty sure that they like each other. Jake asked Will if he wanted some advice to how to get a girlfriend.
To my shock, Will responded in the positive.
"OK, Will, I will tell you what you have to do. Girls really, really, really like it when you are nice to people. They really, really like it when you help people. You just have to do those things and they will like you."

How the heck does he know this at age SIX? He is absolutley right. We DO love those things. Little stinker.
I guess adice from children should be taken seriously.
Mr. Obama, we are not political pawns.
Also, if you want a girlfriend, BE NICE.
Thank you Ford boys.

Grandma Cheryl Came to Town

I know...pathetic...the lack of pictures. But FUN was had nonetheless.
Her iphone was a hit with Jake

She took us to the Denver Natural History Museum

And she was even here for a special Valentine's Day dinner. Complete with Heart shaped pizza and donuts.

The boys had their picture taken with a man-eating boa constrictor. Grandma Cheryl, who is deathly afraid of snakes wouldn't even walk into the snake exhibit...but we got this picture for her so she felt like she could be there.

Thank for coming Grandma Cheryl. We love you.