Sunday, September 15, 2013

Last Night

James was working last night. Again. I asked if the boys wanted to come in my bed with me. Jake was dawdling. So it was just Will and I for a while. I'm pretty candid with my kids. Out of the blue, I just reminded him that I didn't want him to be popular. Will, at times, wants to be popular. We talked about the popular kids when I was at Elementary school and where they are today. We talked about how I was not popular in Elementary school and now I have the four best kids and husband in the world. We talked about how being nice is the only real way to be popular...that matters.
I told Will that I'm still not popular. And I don't care. There are people in our ward that have parties and sometimes I don't get invited. Some people think I'm wierd. And I am. And that's O.K. I'd rather be home with my kids anytime. I told him that we are different. Everyone is different.
Then he told me,
"Mom, I think they're just jealous of you.."
"why,?" I asked.
"cause you're a REALLY good mom."
I smiled. I pulled him closer to me.
"if anyone is jealous of me it's because I have a REALLY great kid."
"thanks mom."
Love you, buddy.