Monday, October 24, 2011

I Must be Going Crazy

Fall Break last week. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
It was great. Sometimes hectic.
I honestly did try really hard to have some new friends over.
NOTHING worked out.
I hate moving,
It's so hard to make new friends.
We actually didn't mind.
We spent the whole week together. Loving it. It was perfect.
So great, in fact, I am sitting here depressed. On the verge of tears.
I had to send my boys back to school today.
I wish we were lying in bed watching Arthur together. Like we did last week.
But we're not.
I hope they are having fun.
And missing me.
Because I sure am missing them.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Did you Ever Wonder?

How God knew to create so many crickets?

He knew how many of these little insects would be squashed in the tiny little hands of one of His most precious creations....
young boys.
Thank you for creating an abundance of crickets.
It eases the pain as I watch the poor, little creatures seep their last breath in the hands of my child...
My children love them.
They love them so much that they accidentally squeeze them too hard.
Again and again.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pinky Promise

The boys are into this "pinky promise" thing. We wrap our little fingers around each others pinky and "swear". Naturally, my little pink princess also enjoys, and understands the intense pinky promise.
It started a few weeks ago. I lay in her bed to sing Jesus songs. I needed to leave to check on the boys. She was half asleep. She felt my body rolling itself from her warm covers. She rolled over and I promised her that I would return to check on her.
Her eyes were half open when she held out her little hand. She gave me her pointer finger.
"Pinky Promise?"
I wrapped my adult pinky around her gentle, soft pointer.
"Pinky Promise" I answered.
She closed her eyes and went to sleep.
10 minutes later I returned to follow up on my promise.
Her blonde hair and bare chested body lay all coiled up in her pink covers.
I smiled.
I gently bent over, kissed her on the face and whispered in that innocent little ear,
"pinky promise."

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Geo, or geeeeg, is the name of Jake's freindly pet gecko. He is also the source of helping (or at least trying to help) Jake get out of the car every morning for school.
We told him that if he could go to school on time, without me walking him in, than he could take Geo to school and show his class.
Jake made a little countdown 3X5 card and scratched off how many days it has been.
Suffice it to say, tomorrow is the big day.
Even after yesterday.
I had to pry him from the car to see him chase after me crying as our van drove away.
I started crying.
I circled the school and returned to see if he had gone inside.
He hadn't.
He had three adults escorting him into the building as he was sobbing.
One of the adults had to brace him from throwing his arms and getting away.
I went home sobbing.
For two hours.
Today we sent him to school with a picture of me and him taped to his folder so that he would always know I was close to him, even when he couldn't see me.
He asked if I could make something with our picture he could keep in his pocket so he could always feel me close.
I did that today.
He loves it.
So, here is to the Mooch.
Another child that shows me how deep a mother's love truly is.
A beautiful little boy who keeps my heart ticking every single day.
My Mooch.

Our picture he carries around in his pocket. I told James I look fat.
James told me it's just my hair that looks like a mess.
Whatever it is, I think it's hot. I'm 31 with three kids. What do you expect???

I hope you like 1st grade, Geo