Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Weeeek-end 2011

Why is it that Halloween lasts for like....3 weeks. Confession: Not my favorite holiday. Not even close. But last night as I sat on my front porch waiting for candy lovers to speak the famous Halloween words for a piece of overly priced chocolate, I looked straight across the street. There sat my neighbor. An older man with his long, white beard, long white hair and old, worn out rocking chair. He was patiently waiting for the adorable, innocent little children come to his home. He anticipated each one. It hit me. In 50 years, it will be me outside on my porch praying for little children to come to my house and bring a little piece of lost childhood into my heart. So now I must do my part. I must visit endless Goodwill stores while putting on a smile for every party. Every celebration. Every bag of candy that I have to buy. Just to do my part. My part for keeping the Halloween tradition alive. For 50 years from now. When I am sitting on my porch, praying. Praying for a glimpse into a long forgotten memory.