Monday, December 2, 2013

The Commander

This is our Commander. Really. That's what we call him. Sometimes we shorten it to "Mander." This kid. Hilarious. He was the BEST, BEST, BEST baby ever. And than he...turned into a FORD! You know those little tikes slides that say they are for kids 12-36 months?? Well, that was so 3 months ago...Luke graduated. Totally unimpressed with the easiness of the climb. He prefers the slippery kitchen table. Often. Anything that could possibly be climbed...Luke will find it. The dishwasher, the beds, any toy that is greater than one foot off the ground...anything. Oh, and you can't put him in his carseat...he prefers to climb..from the ground. Exhausting. Apparently he's a little on the slim size for his age. After his 15 month checkup the other day when he wouldn't sit still for 5 seconds without screaming...the doctor said, "well I guess we know why he's losing weight. He doesn't sit still, does he?"
He's our Mander. Tonight at Family Home Evening he just climbed right up on the shoe box where the kids stand for brag time. He stood there in his little footed jammies as we all talked about what a great baby boy he was. He just smiled his biggest grin. Not sure if he really knew what we were saying, but he was well aware that we were all adoring him...and he didn't mind one bit. And neither do we. We love the Commander. Thanks for bringing so much joy to our little home, Mander. We love you, buddy!

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