Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Memories 2013

Valentine's Day came and went...but not without some amazing and embarrassing memories to boot.

I gathered the kids around and made them go on a treasure hunt to find the other half of their "heart" that led them to their Valentine gift. They loved it. The boys got not so dangerous versions of a pocket knife/camping utensil thingamabob, Naomi scored a dancing ribbon and Luke brought home a cute and cuddly bear. Even James found a nice big pair of chocolate lips. 
He'll take what he can get.

But the best gifts of all...came from our 7 year old, Jake. He wrote us all hand written notes. 
(I can't find James') In case you can't decipher 2nd grade writing, I translate at the bottom)

Dear Mom, since dad doesn't have a valentine for you I'll make one for you. I am giving you one. Your eyes are sparkling as light as the sea and your the only mother I could wish for. Love, Jake,your son

(side note: James did leave flowers for me in my car...thanks, honey)

Dear Naomi, I like that  you are my sister and you are one of the nicest girls i've known of and I'll try not to be as mean and I want you to remind me to not be mean.

Dear Luke, you're the best little brother I could ever have and you're doing good at sitting up.

Dear Will, you're a Archer master and I'm glad your my brother and I bet you hit the black dot ten times and your eye site is amazing and your the best I've ever seen at standing up to bullies.
To:Will Ford
Love: Jake Ford your brother

There are times when I feel deflated...defeated. The world may get the best of me. And then...one of my children makes everything right. 
I worry about my babies growing up in this place we call our world. I want a better one for them. But I know they are here at this time for a reason. A divine reason.
I remind them frequently.
God needs them...Now.
And so do I.

I didn't mean to outdo my 7 year old...but this picture speaks 1000 words.
I get a call at midnight...Valentine's Day.
My husband passed out at work and was taken by ambulance to the ER.
I call a friend...how I wish I lived by family...I probably would have sent my mom, because I knew, somehow, this would happen.
I don't do hospitals. I don't even do the local pediatricians office for well-checks.
Anyplace I may see blood.
Plus, the racing heart that my husband is in the ER. 
I walked in, saw him hooked up to machines and my face went white. 
I lay on the floor next to him. The gross, hospital concrete. I could feel another Ford passing out...
The nurse brought in another bed for me.
How humiliating.
I lay for some minutes until I got a hold of myself.
I kissed my husband goodbye and headed straight to the exit and drove myself home.
James had to catch a cab as soon as he was released.
What caused this Valentine's Day disaster...The Flu.


Liz said...

this is the most epic post i've ever read in blogland. those notes! priceless! your ER story? they couldn't have written a funnier movie if they tried! sorry but i'm laughing! that's hilarious and sad.
i so hear ya on dying not living close to family. i hate relying on friends. there i said it. i just don't wanna call a VTer in an emergency.
love you friend. that jake has won my heart for sure.

David and Rachel said...

I love you Jessie Ford for SO many reasons, but one of them by far is the fact that you always have the best stories to tell and I am so grateful for the enjoyment that I get out of reading your stories. I am glad that you guys survived your crazy Valentine's Day and I so wish that I had been able to help you out that day!!!

Katie Allred said...

I am cracking up! I think my chin actually hit the floor. I can't believe it. I hope that you are all feeling better . . . I am so sorry that happened. Gonna have to talk this week and hear the whole story. Love you.