Saturday, March 9, 2013

Naomi's DBF

So James calls my friends by their "title"
He has labeled a DBF for me (Des Moines Best Friend)
and a ABF (Akron Best Friend)
Now I am naming Naomi's DBF (Denver Best Friend)
Her name is Maddie
Age: Just turned 5
Why she is her DBF:
They are unseperable
Naomi cries...I mean cries, if she can't go over to Maddie's house.
By the way...
She likes Maddie's house waaaaaayyy more than ours
It's huge
"Mom, Maddie even has a toy room...JUST for guests."
"Mom, when we are rich, can we move to a house EXACTLY like Maddie's?"
They happen to be in the same preschool class
and Sunbeam class at church
Total coincidence...I swear.
We didn't even know each other until a couple months ago
Maddie had two of these naturally, she gave one to Naomi
and they wear them to school on the same day to be twin sisters
Oh, and Maddie also loves Naomi's imaginary sisters.
Naomi has a lot of them
And Maddie knows exactly who they are
Which one is which
These two girls even wear BFF bracelets...
"It is sooo special to me, mom."
Here's to our new DBF!

Maddie's mom happens to be the amazing photographer who took these pictures one morning in her basement. 

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