Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oldest Ford Boys

Will got a compound bow for Christmas. Archery is one of his "talents."
He practices even when the sun goes down. 
When Grandpa Geoff and Grandma Nettie came to town, they helped build a target in the garage. 
So after school, I park the car on the street and open up the garage and he practices.
Tonight I was out pitching to Jake and I hear Will ask, 
"Mom, do you know what?"
"I think I am the best qualified to protect this family."
No doubt.
He rocks!

Jake and Luke and I play baseball while Will is practicing. Luke laughs his head off as I make him tackle Jake. I know, I know. We kinda play a baseball/football mix. Tackling with a bat. It works.

the note Jake left of the ziploc bag for the tooth fairy.
At least he could have said, "please."
demanding, demanding.

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