Monday, January 7, 2013

My Lovers

I have been somewhat somber today.
My kids went back to school.
There is something about having them close to me all day.
I am selfish, I know.
But they're my "lovers".
Jake has been talking constantly about his "favorite" thing in life.
You know what it is?
"to lie in mom's bed with our whole family and watch a movie with all of us 
under the covers...even luke."
"can we do my favorite thing, mom?"
"can we do my favorite thing?"
I think we may just be able to swing it.

almost 5 months. Already has the Ford Strong Will. I will feed myself, thank you very much.
he screamed when I took the spoon away...seriously? you didn't even get any in your mouth.
and I guess I will clean it up.
Nothing ever changes.

Jake cut the words, "I love mom" in this piece of paper. I love you too, buddy.

Will wrote the word "mom" on this computer game out of bricks. If I knew how, I would have written his name beside mine...but I can't. Oh well.

Hello, Kitty? What's the point of putting one tatoo on your chest, when you can put 30?
Girl after my own heart.

I was laying in bed with Naomi listening to her Jesus songs CD. Our favorite song that we sing together came on.
"I like to look for rainbows...whenever there is rain..."
I held her close and whispered that whenever I hear this song,I think about her. It's kinda "our song."
She put her nose against mine and whispered back,"I think about you, too."

And there they Lovers.

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