Sunday, December 14, 2008

William Ford and Jessie James

O.K. Did nobody think to tell us this before we named our first born. This innocnet five year old pictured above is named William Ford. He apparently got his head stuck in his Spidey costume while using the restroom. James had to grab a picture.
Anyway, apparently William Ford was the one who assasinated Jessie James.
Dad, I am a little dissapointed you didn't know this, or if you did, you didn't think to tell us.
It kindof freaks me out. My own son.
As long as he keeps his head stuck in Spidey costumes, I guess there is really no need to be worried.


Andrea said...

That pic of Will is classic. How funny. I have some good news Fords-it was actually Robert Ford who assassinated Jesse James. So your innocent little 5 year old can remain that way. haha! How are you guys doing anyway??? Steve asked me the other day "I wonder how James is liking his intern year??" And I said, the better question to ask is how is Jessie "liking" it. We sure do miss your wonderful family.

PS: Hey Steve wanted to chat with James whenenever he had a free minute (probably hard to come by) but he had some ??? about 4th yr and such. SO here is Steve's cell, so maybe have James give him a buzz whenever. 801-628-2294.

Cook Family said...

That is too funny Jess! I love the picture.

Ed & Natasha said...

Jessie - you always make me laugh - I LOVE this post!!! Love the picture, love the story - LOVE it!

Ed & Natasha said...
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Fancy Nancy said...

Super Funny! Your whole blog is funny! Way to capture the humor if life...see you soon!

Liz said...

Hilarious. Your boys are class-acts.
Can't wait to see you over the holidays. Good luck travelling home...James better be on that plane with ya.
Love you to death. BOYER.

The Beckstroms said...

Hey Jess! Just wanted to say hi. Found your blog on Omer's...well Packer's. That pic is hilarious! Your kids are darling and your stories are hilarious! Happy Holidays!
Andrea 'Winegar' Beckstrom