Friday, October 19, 2012


My daughter is becoming more and more of a diva every day. She has more shoes than all of us combined. Every (and I mean EVERY) time we leave the house, her choice of shoe is extremely important. If anyone is wondering what to get Naomi for Christmas, think SHOES. Size 11.5 or 12. 
Preferably pink. sparkles. more sparkles. red. 
She walks around the house and talks in an accent.
"oh, darling, it's so beautiful."
"oh mother, you look so beautiful today."
My favorite of all time was when I was 7 months pregnant with Luke.
Naomi and I were in the dressing room at Ross Dress for Less.
I needed a swimsuit for the Summer.
We went swimming practically every day and Naomi begged me to swim with her each time.
I was trying on size 16 swim suits. 
I put on a black beauty with a skirt.
Did I mention it was a size 16.
It fit like a glove. And for $10, I'll take it.
I told Naomi that I didn't feel very pretty in it.
And do you know what she said?
She rubbed her hand on my tummy to feel the material and announced,
"oh, mother, you look sooo beautiful."
I love my daughter.
Love her.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Goo Goo or Squinch

 My good friend took some pictures of Lukers at 3 weeks. Holy cow that seemed forever ago...

Now he is 2 months. 
Hey there, buddy.
I call him Goo Goo. 
Why? Well, I like to speak baby talk. I was getting my haircut the other day and I kept trying to soothe him on my lap by saying, "goo goo, gaa gaa" in super cute, high pitched baby voice. The hair stylist couldn't stop laughing. She said, "I really don't think I've ever actually heard someone really talking to their kid like that (in public)
 I usually just call him goo goo for short.
James on the other hand, calls him Squinch. 
He's always squinching.
You put him down. Squinch.
You tip toe out of the room. Squinch.
He doesn't have your complete and utmost attention. Squinch.
James comes home and asks,
"has the squinch been squinching?"
If the past fortells the future...
his nickname will be squinch.
James has been three for three so far.
Let's just make it four for four.
(or Goo Goo, yeah, right)

this is how Luke sleeps. When I took him to the doctor for his 2 month, the doctor said, "hmmm, it looks like he turns his head a little to the right."
I said, yeah, he has a little tourtacoulis (Will had the same thing). Looking at this picture, I think, "a little?"
The doctor said it might be wise to start stretching his head the other way a little bit. I guess I should. I'll get on that.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Coming True

The other night I took Jake to his soccer myself. No other kids. I love when that happens. Jake and I both know what it means. We get to stay after practice a little bit and practice our soccer moves on each other.
The other night the sun was definitely gone. The moon was slowly descending. It was more dark than light. I thought we would just go home.
Jake made us stay.
Can't we just practice "just a little bit?"
How could I say no?
Jake jumped in the goal box. His favorite position.
I got to shoot goals on him.
My favorite position.
We played longer and longer.
I could barely see the ball. But he wanted to keep playing.
I was shooting goals between the fine line of shooting hard enough that he had to work hard, but soft enough that I didn't score every time.
We were both loving it.
I could tell by the smile on my face, and his jumping up and down and clapping his hands together whenever he made a great catch.
I heard myself yell out from across the field when I could barely see the lines of his small body.
Guess what, Jake?
You are making my dreams come true!
When I was younger, I used to dream about having kids who would play soccer with me on a beautiful green soccer field. All by ourselves. And now my dream has actually come true.
I could see the outline of a smile swipe across his delicate face.
Thanks for making my dreams come true, I yelled.
We stopped playing shortly after that. We simply couldn't see the ball anymore.
I grabbed the ball, his water bottle, and of course, his right hand in the palm of my left.
I shuffled his hair, bent over and kissed his head.
I whispered, I love you, buddy.
He didn't respond...with his words.
He immediately took both of his arms, wrapped them both around my right arm and squeezed as tightly as he could.
We walked off the field walking as close to each other as possible.
The beautiful huge, green soccer complex that was completely empty...
except for me and my son.