Friday, March 4, 2011


Jake's Awesome speech. "The Bald Eagle is important to our country because it is a symbol of freedom. The best thing I like about this American Symbol is that it is strong, just like me."

I am listening to one of my favorite songs right now. No, it's not one of those hip, new age, way to cool for school songs that you may be thinking of. It just makes me think of my life. My beautiful life.
"Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride."
I saw the man of my dreams walk into our children's school just in time for our Kindergartner's famous American program. I am not quite sure how he got there...but he did. And he left right after. But he was there.
I saw my daughter run into her father's arms. I saw my husband holding our kindergartner after his amazing performance. He let his dad hold him in his arms for a long, long while.
My husband left the scene as my boys started kicking each other in the car on the car ride home. He got to go back to work. I was looking at mine.
I heard words such as fart-smeller, idiot, moron, butt sniffer. You name it.
Life isn't always beautiful.
But it was... just 10 minutes earlier.
And it will be again.
After the name calling.
After the fighting.
After the time-outs, soap in mouth and threatenings.
I'll take it.
Just for moments like today.


The WALL Street Times said...

You look AWESOME!!!. You are strong just like a bald eagle. Way to go!

The Aamodt Family said...

Jessie!! I love your stories!! I love the costume!!! Did you make it?

lynnette orme said...

This is the best eagle costume I have ever seen, JAke you look so tough and strong--like you could swoop down and eat a rabbit.
Way to go on scripture study. Now you know why we were that good at it. Love, MOM

The Johnson Family said...

This made me are a great writer and capture moments perfectly!

Jenn and Josh said...

So sweet, you sure are a talented writer, I love it!! That eagle costume is fabulous by the way, where did you find it? My brother in law (the one who passed away) always always always said no matter how good or bad things were, that "its just another day in paradise" (my new favorite saying) ...kind of like your "just living the dream" :) love it!