Monday, September 26, 2011

Man Of The House

So this is usually the man of the House.
But this week he is at a conference.
What happens?
This man of the house, lines up the other two little men of the house and makes them look at him.
This man of the house says, as he leans down to the two little men:
"Where do your hands go, where do your eyes go?"
(much like a drill sergeant)
The two little men put their little man of the house arms behind their back and point their 4 brown eyes up to their dads'.
"What happens when daddy isn't home?"
"We're the Man of the House," the boys respond.
"And what does that mean?" the big man of the house asks.
The bigger of the two little men says,
"we ask mom what we can do to help her."
"Right, and what else?"
"Oh, I know. We don't chase Naomi around the house pretending to be Zombies so she cries and screams."
"Right. And what else?"
The biggest man turns to the littlest man.
"We put our clothes away?" he wonders out loud.
And with that the biggest man of the house leaves in his jump-started white thing we sometimes refer to as his car. We pray daddy makes it back home to us, eventually.
And I am left. With one little girl and two very strong, brave, and handsome little Man's of the House.
And just like their daddy, they took up my whole bed last night.


Elise said...

So cute. I hope he travels safely.

Liz said...

sid's out of town all week for a conference too. fancy that. i don't even notice though. isn't that bad??
but he didn't give that cute speech. i'll have to tell him about it.
love and miss you friend. hope colorado is rocking.

JenandJosh said...

So cute! love it....and miss you!

The Aamodt Family said...

Jessie!! You are so dang need to write a book!!! Hope the week goes well for you and the boys take good care of you:)))
Love ya!!

James and Jessica Ford said...

If by takes up the whole bed... you mean my scrawny 1/3 with an elbow in my spleen and a knee in my katookis. Takes up the whole bed....