Saturday, December 8, 2012

Goal: Complete

sooo,my high school buddy Teeny saved my life over Thanksgiving. Well, not really, but kinda. 
She helped me discover a kinda free lift at one of the ski resorts in Utah. Becasue of this, I was able to take my crazy oldest three...three times.
The result:
My goal of our trip to Utah was to get Will and Jake completely confident...and independent.
I couldn't believe it.
It actually happened.
The second and third days my dad came with me.
You would have never known he was in the ICU just one week before.
He is crazy...I know.
But, thanks to him, Jake took off.
Will was already well on his way
Naomi...well, we'll get her independent next year.


Laura said...

UM, guess what?? I just found out your in-laws are in my ward! Seriously, not sure why I didn't make the connection before. So now I am really mad I didn't see you when you were in town. I miss you!! Anyways, I hope you are doing well and next time you come in town come visit the Ford's and me:)

P.S. Did you go to Alta for the free skiing? I heard they might have stopped doing it.

Elise said...

Sounds like such a fun time! I would love to take my kids skiing. Way to go Jake and Will!

Liz said...

i'm so proud of you and your boys (and girl!) what an accomplishment. i totes wanna wrangle someone to take my older boys skiing this christmas since i probably shoulnd't go....all with child and stuff.
but it's so pricey, so i'll have to get the details from teeny too.
i want my kids to be skiers but in seattle that ain't poss!
i'm so glad you got to visit for thanksgiving and do your black friday shopping (you crack me up) and skiing. nothing better.
i'll miss seeing you over christmas, but really i LOVE christmases on our own with our own little family. they are so special.
love you j-bird.