Thursday, December 13, 2012

Love Her

O.K. So I never, I mean, hardly, Ever, purchase school photos. Especially preschool photos. Not quite sure if I ever have. So, I am never picky about what they wear. Don't really do their hair. It's kinda their day to do their own thing. 
Naomi did.
Shirt and pants were bought at a consignment sale.
She wore the necklace around her neck, and one around her head. 
Why not? 
You can see that she has her hands on her hips.
And you know, that SHE knows,
that she is 
It cost me $15 for two 5X7's.
But worth EVERY penny.


The Cooks said...

This is keeper for sure! So funny!

Romney's said...

Bird - I am laughing SO hard right now, I'm crying. This is the best picture EVER. She will be showing this picture to her friends for the rest of her life to tell them you're the coolest mom ever (and she is the coolest kid ever!). I think her hands on her hips just tops it off! I love her! This brings back great memories of us hanging out as preschoolers! This is just amazing!