Saturday, June 19, 2010

To anyone who has ever...

This post is for anyone who has ever made a comment on my parenting...yeah, that's know who you are...

So I wake up yesterday morning and walk into the boys room. William is up reading.
The Book of Mormon.
We go to Jake's Speech lesson. William brings what?
Yeah, that's right. The Book of Mormon. He reads it patiently as he waits for Jake.
I walk in the boys room late at night when they are supposed to be asleep.
William is huddled close to the closet light. And what is he reading?
Uh huh. You're right.
The Book of Mormon.
Did I mention that it's his favorite book?
Captian Underpants is his 4th favorite.
Yep, that's right. His 4th!
Right behind the Book of Mormon, the Bible, Star Wars and than CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS.
What's your kids favorite book? Oh, really. wow. cool.
Oh, and what is your kid going to do when he grows up?
be Lebron James?
Not William.
He is going to be the richest guy in the world. And guess what?
He is taking his fortune to Haiti.
He says that when he grows up Haiti is going to be almost as rich as the U.S. Because of him.
Everyone will have food, a house, and legos. whoever has ever said anything bad about my bout those apples?
Boo Yeah!

p.s. due to the ability for someone to mis-read this post, if you are not laughing, you possibly don't know me well enough. I am laughing as I write this. Tongue in Cheek.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Signs your little princess has two older brothers

I found these two hiding in the corner of the building. Such stinkers!

typical Nomi: No shoes, sucker sticking out of her mouth. no cares.

1. She honestly prefers to go potty outside, pants off, standing up. Just like her brothers. I think sometimes she holds it until we are about to drive away. She knows I am too lazy to take her inside. So I take off her pants and let her stand beside the car.
2. That darling little kitchen I bought her for her birthday. Yeah, no dice. She doesn't even acknowledge its existence. She prefers to play legos with her brothers.
3. She walks around the house holding the "Captain Underpants" chapter book. Of course, she can't read it. But she knows that it is really, really funny. She will show it to me and say, "poo poo" and laugh her head off. Adorable, I know.
4. She has a few dolls. She likes them, sometimes. When other little girls are playing with them. Instead, I found her the other day holding a teeny, tiny lego and she was calmly rocking it back and forth in her arms saying, "night night, night night."
5. And best of all, she refuses to wear underwear. She gets that from Jake. The only time she will wear them is at church when I show her that she has to cover her bum because she is wearing a dress. Hence, we don't wear many dresses during the week. Not worth the underwear fight.
All in all, she of course, undoubtedly is still my little princess. And I love watching her play with balls, legos, scooters and skateboards. What the heck. Who needs a play kitchen anyway?

Monday, June 7, 2010

End of School...Summer

Jake on his last day of Pre-K with his teacher and his friend, Xander and Yu

For anyone who only knows the crazy, out of control side of William. I swear, he is a different kid in school. This picture cracks me up because whenever I walk in his classroom or see him in the hall, he is scared to even make eye contact with me because he might get in trouble. This kid does NOT mess around at school. Look at every other person in line having fun...and than there is William. This is how he is all the time. I love his friend Andrew at the end of the line dancing. I always try to bug him by kissing him and than having Nomers go and give him a hug. He is NOT amused. He is worried that if he blinks at the wrong time he will go to detention. I guess I'm kindof glad. If he had to choose one place to goof off I would choose home. I'll take the craziness. His teacher says he is one of the best behaved kids in class. Go figure.

We went to pick starwberries on the first Monday of Summer. William got the most, Jake got the biggest, and Nomers had to go potty. All in all...a terrific start to the next three months.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ford Awards

Announcing our First ever...Ford Awards.
Today at William's awards day, students with perfect attendance received trophies. William was not a recipient. He cried. He kept telling me through his tears that, "he really, really, really tried his best." Oh, and he also told me that he hates school.
I spent the next two hours hunting down trophies for Ford Awards. I was nervous to tell James because I know that not every kid should always get a trophy. I get it. But for some reason, I wanted to do it anyway. He's a child.
I told James and asked him if he thought I wasn't letting him learn the tough lessons of life. I loved his response:
"I am sure our children will have ample opportunities to not receive trophies. I'm glad you did."
So...introducing Jake's trophy for "Academic Excellence."
Jake learned and grew so much this year. He really has learned incredible amounts and has turned in to quite the little learner. He also is an excellent artist. Way to Go Jake.
William received the "Big Dreams" Award. Nothing is going to stop this kid. Each day he comes home with a new idea, a new invention, a new way of making life better for everyone. We encouraged him to never give up on his dreams.
Oh, and Naomi was asleep. But she rightfully earned
"The Potty Award."
Way to go Team Ford!