Friday, February 25, 2011

I Never Imagined...

Naomi and her best friend Hannah Banana dancing in our living room

I was sooo excited when the ultrasound tech gave me the sign that we were indeed having a girl. My mind flashed forward to dainty clothes, beautiful pigtails and innocent kisses.
I actually left the doctor's office and headed straight to the mall. My first girl shopping adventure.
I now realize that I never needed to.
There is no need for beautiful bows and dainty clothes.
But there is definitely a need for patience, laughter and naked bums. You see, we have another child who does not enjoy underwear.
We have a daughter who refuses to let you even BRUSH her hair. But it is so strange. She is as girly as they come. And yet, not so all.
I posted the close up shot because her hair is driving me crazy. I have a bowl of adorable clips, flowers and bows. They just sit there. Because, you see, if I actually body strap her and put these little trinkets in her hair, she rapidly pulls them out...with a whole chunk of her fine, straw-like hair. We just don't have that much hair to spare. So, we don't bother.
As for the clothes. She chooses her own. I have surrendered.
The other day I took her to read to Jake's kindergarten class. The girls all noticed her outfit.
"Why is she in her pajamas? Why is she wearing slippers?"
What was I supposed to tell a group of 5 year olds?
I felt like saying, "Cause she's a pistol...what do you think?"
I instead replied that she is just a silly goosehead and we are not sure why she is so crazy. They laughed. So did I. What else do you do?
Here's to my strong-willed little angel. My adorable little girl who rules our house with an iron fist. A typical two year old. I'm patiently waiting. Waiting for the bows. And the clips. And the matching outfits. Someday maybe.


Liz B.B. said...

who needs bows when you are stinking cute like naomi?
i'm sure if i had a girl, she'd be the same. ah well. save your pennies on the bows!

The Johnson Family said...

I love Naomis hair!!! It is adorable---even without bows! She is so cute Jess!