Saturday, February 12, 2011


(we LOVE our costume box)

One of those weeks...
A random incident put life into perspective. Very random. I almost landed myself in a courtroom testifying against a neighbor. I couldn't take it. I actually was worried. For my safety and that of my children.
All week I was sick to my stomach. Scared. Of everything. One of those times where you wish with all your heart that you could easily exchange your fear with your faith. But for some reason, your faith keeps coming up short. I couldn't help it. No matter how much I prayed.
And than one night, I walked into my room to see this.
And I felt completely at peace. This is all that matters. And suddenly...everything was right with the world.

Another day my 5 year old called me into the kitchen. For some reason he couldn't wipe the smile off his face. He got into the freezer. And the fridge. And the cupboards. He made me a caramel sundae. Just for me. And guess what? You can't see it, but with the caramel he wrote, "I love you". Just for me. How could I possibly think that life wasn't perfectly, astoundingly PERFECT!

And than today...a long, cold, boring Saturday. We decided that we weren't going to let the weather get us down. Not this week. We bundled up, got in the car and went to the hospital. We paged our dad and told him we were there. It was going to be a special daddy lunch in the hospital cafeteria. We waited, rather impatiently in the hospital hall. I spotted our tall daddy walking down the long hallway. I excitedly showed the kids.
They were off. Three little loves ran down the long corridor and threw their gangly arms around their daddy. And I could see it. I swear I did. His smile was just as big as theirs.
And then I knew. The world is good today.
And I am very, very grateful for terrible, no good weeks. Cause guess what?
When it's over...the sun never shines brighter. And today, a cold, dark, boring day in Akron Ohio...the sun never shone brighter.
(p.s. so my dad sent me a valentine today and told me that he loves reading my blog but he didn't know that i was such a dramatic kid. i think i have become much more dramatic over the last three years. it's been a little rough. hence, i tried to make this entry extra dramatic. "the sun never shone brighter" don't you think it's perfect! i think he's going to love it. hey...if you've got've got it!)


Liz B.B. said...

love it.
i'm emailing you now. i have too many q's.
love you.

The WALL Street Times said...

I love ya! Heres to a better week. I loved getting Dad's Valentine's as well. The kids were so excited to get their $2 bills. Remember singing Trouble Me with Dad when we were teenagers. Brings back memories.

Jenn and Josh said...

Ok lady, you must fill me in on the neighbor thing, we have to meet for bagels soon and tell me all about it! Love your kids in their cute costumes :)

Sarah said...

haha, Jessie, you make me laugh! I'm glad everything is (kind of) over with your neighbor! what a mess!

The WALL Street Times said...

BTW what is up with James' beard. I am sorry but GROSS!