Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Trip

Last weekend James got me a gig photographing a wedding for one of his co-workers. It was the perfect opportunity to visit Palmyra, New York. It turned out to be a free trip. And as you can see from Jake's expression in all of these pictures, he couldn't have been happier to be there.



CUte pictures!! Awesome about the gig, how did it go???

Sarah said...

I didn't know it was in Palmyra! THat is so fun yall got a trip out of it. I think we might try and go for Memorial Day weekend.

Oh and did you watch Bachelorette?? Do you know Bentley's exwife, Suzette? All these mormons going on Bachelor is crazy!

Orme Family said...

I loved the pictures from our magical weekend. It was magic. I can not tell you how much we are going to miss you guys being our neighbors (of 5 hours)
We have grown such a strong love for your family. I am so sad you are leaving, and SO HAPPY that you are! You know we will be crashing with you plenty in Denver. Love ya!