Monday, May 21, 2012

My Boys

My Boys...
Last night I was laying in bed cuddled up to my eldest. Jake was asleep. Will and I lay there as he very descriptively and knowledgeably filled me in on ALL lego Ninjago and Vikings products available and the price point for each. He filled me in on his wish list, his doesn't necessarily need list, and his he will probably never get it list. He has done extensive research on what a good price for each set would cost. He has really increased his knowledge of ebay and knows that sometimes it is a good deal and how sometimes it is a complete rip-off.  I listened to the sound of his innocent voice as if it were the most beautiful music ever created. As my eyes started closing involuntarily, I told him that it was probably time for me to go to bed. As I kissed his cheek, he replied, "well, thanks for the good chat, mom." Thank you. My son.
Today was field day at the boys school. Naomi and I headed over to enjoy the sunshine with them. About an hour into the day, I panicked. My keys were gone. I hurriedly ran every where I had sat down. I kept asking Naomi where my keys were. Did you see them? Did you see them? I was going through the process of how to get home and who to call. Naomi finally said, "Jake has them."
"No he doesn't," I replied. They were in my pocket the whole time. How in the world would Jake have them? But I was desperate. I ran in to the pinball station in the gym. I called out to Jake. "Do you have my keys?"
He looked at me sheepishly. I will never forget his little body in long pants and a long sleeve red shirt on an incredibly hot day walking over to me with his hand fiddling in his pocket. He pulled out my keys. "I just didn't want you to ever leave."
Neither do I. Never.

People ask me all the time if I am excited to have another boy. My response, "I love Boys."
Especially mine.
To be honest with you.
I can't wait. Another boy. He couldn't let me hold him fast enough.

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