Saturday, May 26, 2012

Uncle Derek

Crazy Uncle Derek came to town. And it was a HUGE break from normal life.

 James and Derek took over my lunch duty one day at the boy's school. They served the food and swept the floors like pros. They even got to take a break from their rigorous work to talk to the boys and their friends.

We went for PIZZA! Yeah!

James and Derek woke up Saturday morning and took the kids to the Waffle House. Luckily, James has a brother that likes breakfast food as much as he does. Sweet. I slept in. (James has food in his mouth, I promise his dental work is up to date)

Last but not least, we went to our First Rockies game. It didn't even matter that it was a little cold and started to rain at the end. Everyone loved it.

Thanks for coming Uncle Derek. COme back ANYTIME.

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