Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome Summer 2012

I signed the kids up for a one hour course on the basics of fishing. 
Let's just say...
They LOVED it

Every day this week.
We're at the lake.
Doing this.

What do Naomi and I do while the boys cast their lines?  Do not fret. We sit on the rocks and replenish worms, power bait and salmon eggs. We tie hooks and apply weights when they fall off. We also cheer. We're good at that. This 4 year old little girl couldn't be more tough. She puts bait on the hooks. She digs worms out of the styrofoam container and pushes them on the hooks. She is holding "squirmy wormy" in this picture. She names them before she kills them.

Jake caught a crab. So far, the boys have caught two crabs, a stick, a headband and a tiny, tiny fish.

Today as we were at the lake, I thought I was in heaven. I realized that there was no where in the world that I would rather be than right there. No exotic trips. No fancy cruise ships. We have each other. Right here in Colorado. At the lake.


Cassie said...

How sweet!! It really is true, our babies are growing up tooooo fast!

L.J. said...

It was so fun to get in touch with you. (even for just a couple emails). Enjoying checking out your blog. Realized how much I love and miss you Jessie! You're family is wonderful!! YOU are wonderful!~