Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

We were is desperate need of a break at the Ford House. 
4 weeks in Utah
Outcome: Perfect

St. George with the Orme's

Oakley Rodeo


4th of July

My 7 year old in a nutshell. As soon as we let him do the lighter on his own and he realized how great it was he held it up and said, "wow. these are soooo cool. i'm gonna get one of them."
Graham cousin party
Hogle Zoo. HOT!
Naomi and Maddie stressing me out on the roof. Naomi thinks she's eighteen.
Grandpa Geoff making spears for all the boys. Will is just waiting for his to get sharpened. As if we need any more sharpened things around the Ford boys
boys with their finished spears. Grandpa Geoff in...uh...I'm not sure
diving lessons at Steiner. A HIT!

Archery in Grandpa Geoff's backyard

Fishing in Kamas. The boys got their own pocket knives in Jackson Hole and were sooo excited to cut off their own fishes head and pull out their guts.

Will wanted to show his manliness by making me take a picture of the fish blood on his hands and knife

the boys trying out their new pocket knives in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole with the Ford's. Jake caught a snake on the hike to Jenny Lake.
waiting for Old Faithful to erupt

ice cream in Jackson. It was soooo good

and of course...the alpine slide

Thank you for the break from normal life. We love you, Utah


Elise said...

Fun! Utah is a great place, especially when it's full of family and friends!

Liz said...

oh man does this post ring true! i'm on my last week of 4 here, too. you said it best: a break from regular life. i don't know what it is, but life is so intense the 11 other months that one month out of the year re-charges me ahead. just what we need. and your family is so fun! reminds me so much of what we've been doing: family fun, crazy cousins, and outdoor galore. boy haven, eh? when is baby coming? boy or girl? i'm so out of it. seeing the friends tonight. wish you were here. i love me some jess time. oh and that pic of your dad: speechless! he's a true kid at heart! love it. glad you had a great month, too.! xoxox

JenandJosh said...

What an awesome fun vacation and you look stinking fabulous for being preggers!!! I hope none of you were in that movie theater shooting stuff, we are getting ready to drive straight through to utah for our family trip again. love ya