Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The days are spent at the beach, at the pool, in the gully. Catching snakes (that lay babies in your garage), catching frogs and crawdads. And than you spend $10 on food at Petco to feed the newest members of the family. 

And than dad comes home and relaxes with the worn out crazies. 

Then we wake up and start again. The boys make homemade bow and arrows. Jake is showing the little one he made for the baby. He can't wait for the baby to be born so he can join the Summer fun

Honestly, I am not excited for school to start. We are loving our lazy mornings, hot days and relaxing nights. 

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Sarah said...

Ok, big time catch up for me! Like usual looks like you are still the cool fun mom and your kids are having an awesome summer. Hopefully you're surviving the heat! When's that baby coming? You better post lots of pictures! Totally thought about you and Rachel while I watched the Bachelorette finale. I'm still hoping for an Emily spotting here in Charlotte one of these day!