Saturday, August 11, 2012

Father and Sons 2012

setting up the new tent in the backyard. we had to make sure it worked.

Pathetic. We have three kids. No tent. When James told me it was Fathers and Sons I was determined to buy a tent. And sleeping bags. The boys have been begging me for WEEKS to get a tent and take them camping. Thank you church. You gave me the best excuse that my husband even couldn't refuse.

Suffice it to say, the morning of the trip, Jake woke up, immediately secured his pocket knife and started sharpening it. His backpack was packed. The food was chosen. All by 9 A.M. The longest day of my life. James wasn't coming home until 3 to take them. Every ten minutes I was asked when dad was coming home.

It finally happened.
They loved it.
They all came home smelling like fire and stinky boys.
I loved it.
Camping this Summer.

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