Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One of "Those" Days (S)

It started yesterday. You can tell, can't you? Your kids, for some strange reason, have more energy and sneakiness in them than other days. The boys came home from school. Within minutes, they had the mattresses on the stairs and were doing stunts down them. Naomi kept screaming and whining because people weren't letting her have her space to do the moves she wanted to. The boys kept fighting trying to determine who was the the girl kept getting hit in the face. I couldn't handle it.
I went in my room and read my scriptures.
Bad idea.
I came out to see the coat hooks torn from the wall, a framed picture on the floor and kids crying.
We had 15 minutes until baseball practice. The boys were taking their sweet time pushing the mattresses back up the stairs. They kept telling me to do it since I am bigger. I stood my ground. As baseball practice approached, I helped them with the last one.
Then I saw the present for Will's friend that I had just wrapped to take to practice ripped open. Apparently, Jake was curious.
I flipped.
I got in the car with Naomi. I sat there. The boys came running after me. Jake was actually crying.
I told them they weren't allowed in the car without each of them paying me $5.
I wasn't doing my job for free anymore if this is how they were going to act.
They ran inside and came out with their precious $5 bills. They made their payment and hopped in. They were good as gold for the rest of the night.
Jake asked if we could just forget about everything that happened and we could start new. Kindof like a new day.
Today we started again.
Potions in the tub. Soaking floor. Ruining each others math homework.
Getting into my jewelry drawer.
Destroying the storage room and finding breakable "treasures," including dad's guitar.
Jake said, "I didn't know we had so much cool stuff."
Probably because you're not supposed to know about it.
We will try again tomorrow.
It is nearing bedtime.
I think I might just make it.
Wish me luck.

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