Saturday, May 26, 2012

Uncle Derek

Crazy Uncle Derek came to town. And it was a HUGE break from normal life.

 James and Derek took over my lunch duty one day at the boy's school. They served the food and swept the floors like pros. They even got to take a break from their rigorous work to talk to the boys and their friends.

We went for PIZZA! Yeah!

James and Derek woke up Saturday morning and took the kids to the Waffle House. Luckily, James has a brother that likes breakfast food as much as he does. Sweet. I slept in. (James has food in his mouth, I promise his dental work is up to date)

Last but not least, we went to our First Rockies game. It didn't even matter that it was a little cold and started to rain at the end. Everyone loved it.

Thanks for coming Uncle Derek. COme back ANYTIME.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I admit it. I'm pathetic. Last night I realized why God gave me boys. I had just put them to bed. I went to my room to retreat in quiet. Unexpectedly, I heard a little critter fighting for its life in one of James' drawers. It kept moving ferociously as if it were trying to escape. I freaked out. I called my boys in immediately. I asked if they had played a trick on me.
They assured me that they "would NEVER do that."
I stood in the back corner of the room.
I made the boys empty out James drawers and look for the noise.
Clothes were flying everywhere.
I knew a mouse was about to jump out any second.
The boys were laughing hysterically.
It wasn't funny.
They found nothing.
They got their flashlights and inspected under and behind the dresser.
Still nothing.
It was late. They had to get to bed.
I think they actually liked being my protectors.
Well, they Loved it.
They were tough.
Come to find out later, I am pretty sure it was just the rain coming down. Our house is a little older and wasn't built the best.
Buuut...just in case you think I am not very smart, when James came home I made him listen to it. He was even stumped. It DID sound like an animal. I promise. Even my super smart husband had to think about it for a while.
So there.
Thank you my protector boys.
I'm glad you found your mothers' fear hilarious.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One of "Those" Days (S)

It started yesterday. You can tell, can't you? Your kids, for some strange reason, have more energy and sneakiness in them than other days. The boys came home from school. Within minutes, they had the mattresses on the stairs and were doing stunts down them. Naomi kept screaming and whining because people weren't letting her have her space to do the moves she wanted to. The boys kept fighting trying to determine who was the the girl kept getting hit in the face. I couldn't handle it.
I went in my room and read my scriptures.
Bad idea.
I came out to see the coat hooks torn from the wall, a framed picture on the floor and kids crying.
We had 15 minutes until baseball practice. The boys were taking their sweet time pushing the mattresses back up the stairs. They kept telling me to do it since I am bigger. I stood my ground. As baseball practice approached, I helped them with the last one.
Then I saw the present for Will's friend that I had just wrapped to take to practice ripped open. Apparently, Jake was curious.
I flipped.
I got in the car with Naomi. I sat there. The boys came running after me. Jake was actually crying.
I told them they weren't allowed in the car without each of them paying me $5.
I wasn't doing my job for free anymore if this is how they were going to act.
They ran inside and came out with their precious $5 bills. They made their payment and hopped in. They were good as gold for the rest of the night.
Jake asked if we could just forget about everything that happened and we could start new. Kindof like a new day.
Today we started again.
Potions in the tub. Soaking floor. Ruining each others math homework.
Getting into my jewelry drawer.
Destroying the storage room and finding breakable "treasures," including dad's guitar.
Jake said, "I didn't know we had so much cool stuff."
Probably because you're not supposed to know about it.
We will try again tomorrow.
It is nearing bedtime.
I think I might just make it.
Wish me luck.

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Boys

My Boys...
Last night I was laying in bed cuddled up to my eldest. Jake was asleep. Will and I lay there as he very descriptively and knowledgeably filled me in on ALL lego Ninjago and Vikings products available and the price point for each. He filled me in on his wish list, his doesn't necessarily need list, and his he will probably never get it list. He has done extensive research on what a good price for each set would cost. He has really increased his knowledge of ebay and knows that sometimes it is a good deal and how sometimes it is a complete rip-off.  I listened to the sound of his innocent voice as if it were the most beautiful music ever created. As my eyes started closing involuntarily, I told him that it was probably time for me to go to bed. As I kissed his cheek, he replied, "well, thanks for the good chat, mom." Thank you. My son.
Today was field day at the boys school. Naomi and I headed over to enjoy the sunshine with them. About an hour into the day, I panicked. My keys were gone. I hurriedly ran every where I had sat down. I kept asking Naomi where my keys were. Did you see them? Did you see them? I was going through the process of how to get home and who to call. Naomi finally said, "Jake has them."
"No he doesn't," I replied. They were in my pocket the whole time. How in the world would Jake have them? But I was desperate. I ran in to the pinball station in the gym. I called out to Jake. "Do you have my keys?"
He looked at me sheepishly. I will never forget his little body in long pants and a long sleeve red shirt on an incredibly hot day walking over to me with his hand fiddling in his pocket. He pulled out my keys. "I just didn't want you to ever leave."
Neither do I. Never.

People ask me all the time if I am excited to have another boy. My response, "I love Boys."
Especially mine.
To be honest with you.
I can't wait. Another boy. He couldn't let me hold him fast enough.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


My baby is Four. 
                                                    Did you get that? FOUR?

She has made some amazing friends here in Colorado. She has also established herself as strong and capable around her brothers. She takes everything they dish out to her. She yells at them when needed, steals from them when necessary, hits them when they provoke her, and hugs them when they're sad.
She asks every morning, "Is it a school day or not a school day?" She groans sadly when it's a school day and cheers when her brothers get to stay home with her. She loves them. And they love her.
Here is to the princess of the family. The sass of our home. The little body who makes us laugh and smile with her frustrations of growing up and the joy of being loved. We love you, Naomi.

Monday, May 14, 2012

When Did You Know????

I was thinking a couple of weeks ago. Do you ever have those moments when in just an instance you get a glimpse of your surroundings and think, "how in the world did I get here?"
Where did these children come from? Wasn't I just driving down the streets of SL as a Senior in high school on the look out for "the guys?" 
I blinked.
And now I'm here?

And now I am thinking? I know exactly when it happened. I still remember the smell of the old carpet in our basement apartment on Gilmer Drive. I remember my red Toyota Corolla. With one car seat in the back. I was bringing my newborn son home from doing errands. I was completely famished. If anyone knows me well, they know if my blood sugar gets low...get me something to eat. I felt depleted. I needed food, STAT. But there he was. Crying. Starving. Needing food. It was then. In that instant. I KNEW I was a mom. I took him out of his car seat, and of course, he was fed first.
I realized my new calling in life. I had given up a part of myself. I was never to think of myself first ever again. Never. Ever.
It's been nine years. I thought of my mom. She has been a mom nearly 40 years. In 40 years she has never had plans that could not be changed in an instant if one of her children needed her. She has never spent her money without first thinking of what her children needed. And she has never fed herself first, if her children (or grandchildren) are in the house.
I wonder when she knew?
There will never be a mud fight big enough to keep me from loving those little parts of myself called my children. There will never be enough times when I step on lego pieces in the middle of the night to keep me from smiling. How can I be mad?
They are me. And they are the best part of me. The part of me that will always come first.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Does anyone you see look....

9 Nine IX

Big shout out to the Newest 9 Year old. He got some amazing "products" for his birthday! Happy Birthday to the boy who is smarter than his mother, sensitive to his little sister, a new Bear scout, a science lover, a math hater, a lego master, a tree climber, and a
downright amazing kid.
I Love You Will.