Friday, March 28, 2014

We're STILL here!!!

 Four Ford's in December
 I took Naomi to Disney on Ice with one of her best friends, Maddie. Just picture this: Intermission. You had just watched $40 worth of Belle, Ariel and Rapunzel skating on ice. And their Prince's in colored tights. Your daughter gets up and runs to the concession stand. Your mom had warned you that you HAVE to buy a commemorative sno cone cup for posterity. Ironically, that's exactly where your daughter and her friend stand waiting patiently for their mother's to pay the bill. $12. Seriously? You roll your eyes when the poor lady who sells significantly overpriced sno cones at Disney on Ice tells you that for $12 you don't get to choose your flavor. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.  It's obvious she isn't thrilled her her employment status. It's obvious that I'm not thrilled with her. I hand over my credit card. Who knew I needed so much cash for a sno cone. I wasn't prepared. She slides my card. Then after I sign my name she happens to add, "oh, and if you want a's another $2." I am seriously rolling my eyes. $2 for a straw? My friend and I burst out in laughter. Well, I guess you kinda need one to eat a sno cone. I hand back my credit card so she can add the additional $2 for a blessed straw. Total price for the picture? $14. Two credit card transactions. And a Commemorative cup that sits in a corner of her room. I'm pretty sure she doesn't even remember it's there. Trust me, when she gets married and moves out...the cup is going with her!

 The commander and I waiting in carpool for the kids after school. Saying he is completely obsessed with my iphone and anything electronic would be an understatement.
 See??? If someone is on the computer...someone who weighs less than 25 pounds is somewhere close...

 Mattress slides. In a small house...we at the Ford house get creative. One of our favorite activities to relieve sudden boredom.
 Sleeping together in mom's bed is another favorite.
 Or building forts with all the pillows is also a good one.
 And than there's ALWAYS legos. Thank you, Legos. From my heart to yours.
 Jake got a guitar for Christmas. I don't know why, but I think he looks so cute playing it!!
 The commander who needs a haricut. Thanks to my mom, we left him with her for a few hours one night and we came home to a Grandma Nettie haircut. Grandpa Geoff left us a note on the fridge saying that he had absolutely nothing to do with it. He thought for sure we would have a heart nephew walked in the next morning and announced, "who gave Luke the "dumb and dumber" haircut"? We all burst out laughing!

 And what's Utah without a little skiing?? huh? Huh?

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