Saturday, November 22, 2008

Comments...from others on my parenting

Scout's first brownie, hot fudge sundae. She Loved it.

I want to get Naomi a doll for Christmas. However, she seems to be just fine with the Iowa pig Grandpa Geoff bought her when she was born. A doll? A pig? Maybe Scout is a good name for her afterall. What six month old needs a doll when she's got an Iowa pig?

Jake loves his sister. And she loves him. William goes to school every day and and Scout and Jake are left alone with me. They are becoming quite the little friends.

So, the title of my post. Comments. I was thinking the other day on some of the hilarious comments that I have recieved in the company of my children. I thought that I would document my Top 10. Here I go...

10. I was picking up William from school the other day. It was freezing. I had Naomi bundled up in one hand and Jake screaming behind me. He was cold. Imagine that. He only had his spidey suit on...and a coat that he refused to zip. He was crying for me to hold him. I picked him up in my other arm anxious to get out of there as quickly as possible. Due to the material of the spidey suit, he kept slipping down. I couldn't get a good grip. I was carrying 50 lbs of children and yelling at William to hurry up behind me while Jakey was screaming, "I'm falling, I'm falling." A mother walked by. She smiled. "It looks like you have your hands full." I smiled back, but before I could respond, another mother chimed in. Her response. "She always has her hands full."

9. "Your son put one of the kids in a head lock today at pre-school." I was humiliated. I needed some reassurance. I asked, "well, is that normal? I mean, were other kids doing it too?" Her response was priceless. She just looked at me confused and said, "uh...well, I wouldn't say, "normal.""

8. "Have you ever thought about ADD? I have a great hebal supplement that could help." I don't even remember how I responded. I didn't even know this lady.

7. "You're not having another one, are you?"

6. "Uh...your son is peeing over there."

5. "She lets him wear that Spider suit everyday." And she thought I couldn't hear. Don't you know that moms can hear other moms talking about their children from miles away? I think it's our own mommy spidey sense.

4. "Your son doesn't have any shoes on."
"Your son doesn't have any shoes on."
"Your son doesn't have any shoes on."
I know he doesn't have any shoes on! We won't wear shoes! Does anyone else want to point out the fact that my son doesn't have any shoes on?

3. "What kind of birth control are you using?"

2. "It's so strange. You and James seem like the best parents."

1. "Mommy I love you."
"Mommy I love you."
"Mommy I love you."
The only comment that has ever made me cry. I love you too.


The WALL Street Times said...

I love you guys. You make me laugh everyday. The other day Jack was at school running around like a crazy person because hey you know Jack and the prinicipal said, "hey Jack do you want to color". His response "NO WAY" and he ran. We all have our hands full.

The Cooks said...

I love that you don't care what other people say, that is part of the reason that you are such a good parent. I nominated your blog as one of my favorites because of these great honest blogs. Avery is becoming quite a handful, so yesterday I had three different people at Walmart say "Wow, you have got you hands full," ya think.

Andrea said...

Jessie- Your blog makes me laugh every time I read it!! You are SO SO SO amazing!! You always were my friend who helped me laugh and helped me realize that I didnt need to be stressed out so much! I wish you and I could catch up!! It's so crazy that life is passing us by so quickly. Thanks for keeping in touch. Are you going to be in SLC this Christmas? We are and I'd love it if you were too!!

Natalie said...

One of the first things I remember you telling me was that someone said that they were amazed that you actually got down on the ground and played with your children. That has always been a good example of what kind of a mom I want to be. Someone who plays with and loves her kids! It is amazing the things people say- especially when they think that they are saying it in a nice way! Always good to remember that they don't know everything and that things can look different on the outside than what they really are. Thanks for always being a good friend.

Sarah said...

I love it! I think my favorite is umm, your sons peeing over there! I love how people like to help others parent. There is a lady in my ward like that, she is always telling me what Anna is doing wrong and such and getting after her. Gotta love it!

Andrea said...

I love reading your blog Jessie. You always find the positive in every situation, and make me laugh.
Your kids (and James for that matter) are lucky to have you.

Tabatabaei family said...

One time this old lady came up to Izabella and got too close to her face while making a comment about how cute she is. Izabella started to cry because she was scared and then i heard the old lady say while walking away "too bad the beauty on the inside doesn't match the beauty on the outside".

It's amazing how people say things and they think you can't hear when you're 5 feet away.

Oh and by the way, I used to teach preschool and I would say that a head lock is COMPLETELY normal, so NO WORRIES about that one!

Kristine said...

I love the "hands full comment". I get it EVERY DAY too. There are some very observant people out there!

The Halls said...

Jessie, you are one of my heroes when it comes to parenting. I seriously think about you all the time, especially when Tanner is throwing a temper tantrum in line at the store... I just tell myself that you can do it with 3!

marcie and bromley busath said...

BIRD! (i don't know if i am even allowed to call you that, but emi does and it kind of stuck.) oh my. i forgot how much i love the two of you. i found your blog through a random series of "blog stalking" and i could not be happier about it. i have laughed out loud and even teared up a little, all in the matter moments. you should write a book, you obviously have a serious talent for writing. anywho, it looks like you have got your "hands full," hands full of love that is. cheesy, i know, but true. three DARLING children, one amazing mom/wife and a dad/husband that has never ceased to put a smile on my face. i love you guys and am so thrilled to see that you are so happy.

ps: i guarantee that mom would wear a spidy suit everyday too, if it were socially acceptable for adults. i know i would.

pps: sorry, longest comment ever.

allison said...

Love reading your blog, it always makes me laugh. Your little girls is so cute, you always have her dressed in the cutest outfits.

Will you email me your new address, we are trying to get our Christmas Cards out and would like to send one to you. Thanks

lynnette orme said...

If you can do three, you can definately do four--that is what I always said, but then again, maybe three is just great. I'm glad I belong to you and you to your beautiful family. Can't wait to see you. Mom