Saturday, August 29, 2009

1st Day of 1st Grade

First things first. Today is the first day of my six year old's life where he will NOT be getting a snack at school. Hence, he has officially graduated to an ADULT bowl of cereal. We cannot take any chances with the kid bowl size. No Way. He is now an adult...going through the day with no snack. Good Luck Bugaboo.

With one kid gone, I thought I would have a better handle on my other two. Surprise, Surprise.

Let's be HONEST. cry cry cry. blah blah blah. YEAH! I was in heaven. These kids are driving me CRAZY. We have taken beating each other up to a whole new level. YEAH for 1st grade.

O.K. So I was pretty excited for school to start. As we were driving up to the schol drop off, William assured me that we could just "drop him off." "I don't need you to come in, mom."

I bit my lip. I'll let him do this I told myself. I knew he could do it, but I was more worried about all of the other parents thinking I was neglectful becausee it seemed as if the whole nation was crowding through the doors with video cameras and teary eyes. I swallowed my pride.

William got out of the car, By himself. I watched him. He stood there by himself for what seemed like forever. He became hesitant. The anxiety hit him.

He walked through the doors without us.
I couldn't do it. I pulled around to park and ripped the other two from their carseats.
I walked swiftly to his class to make sure he was O.K.
I got there just in time to see another mom helping my poor, sad, and almost teary eyed little boy. NOW I almost cried.

I announced as if I was the mother bear growling at an intruder that he was my son and that I could help him. I felt bad. He was my baby. I am ALWAYS suppossed to be the one who helps him. Who calms him. The first to see that little, scared face that I know within my heart. We helped him find his seat. We got him organized. We kissed him. And we walked out the door.

Yes, I am excited for school to start. But as I lay in bed that night I remember thinking that one day down the road, I am going to wish this day back again. So badly, that I will cry, and I will read this, and I will cry some more. Oh, how I love my babies.
With that said,
September 8th could not come fast enough. YEAH for Jake going to pre-K. I might cry.
We'll see.


M & S Eagar said...

I completely understand Jessie. I'm really getting emotional about Brady starting Kindergarten this year...even more than Emma.

On another note, Matt and I were wondering if you and James would like to go to dinner some Friday night in September? We can't the 11th, but the other weekends are open. Anyway, just let me know.

Anonymous said...

So true, bitter sweet. But for Caden it was a bit more sweet than bitter:P

Liz said...

Oh I so relate. I don't even have a first grader, but get teary thinking about sending them away! (But if they never went, I'd lose my mind!).
Love your brownie/coke sale. I would have for sure stopped by if I were in Akron! I need my boys to earn some $ too, for that darn Playmobil stuff. Better get baking!
You look darling and your pic of Will starting school will be priceless in the future!
xoxo. boyer

Jenn and Josh said...

AMEN SISTER....I agree as well, ok, so Daniel and Natilie are 11 and 9 and I am having a heart attack because they both want to ride the bus the first day of school to see how they like it, I did tear up too and then Natilie felt bad for me and said I can drive her first and then she will decide...Whew!!!! I know I am dorky, and they are getting older, but they will always be my babies :)

The Aamodt Family said...

Jessie....I was with you. I cried and cried for Abbey this whole week!!! I had to wear my sunglasses into school. I am sure everyone thought I was some crazy lady!! Where did the time go? I remember sitting in your parents backyard when we first had them and it does not seem that long ago ya!

Orme Family said...

I don't care about the whole emotional stuff, I just love Will getting ready with a little pre-1st grade stretches--good job buddy!

Orme Family said...

Man, I have missed out on some great posts! I love the one about your parents. I couldn't agree more. I hope one day I can be that kind of grandparent to my grandkids. I was laughing out loud on Will's comment during the cookie sale! I love that kid. You are a cute mom Jess. I can't wait to hang out again soon!