Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Promise Me ONE thing

1:30 in the afternoon. Willliam at school. Naomi asleep. Jake and mommy time.
I was sitting the the rocking chair in the green room. Jake was rough housing with me.
"Get over here this instant," I scolded teasingly.
Jake gave me that quircky smile and ran away.
I love that quirky smile.
"I am serious, get over here right now!"
I caught him.
"Promise me something."
"What? he questioned.
"All I am asking is that you promise me one thing."
"What? he asked again while trying to squirm away.
"Jacob, you are not being serious about this."
"Look at me in the eyes while I am talking to you," I said laughing.
"This is very serious business."
Now he got serious.
"What mom, I am looking at your eyes."
I had his eyes locked on mine.
"You have to promise me that you will never forget what I am about to tell you."
"I promise!"
I whispered in his ear something that he had better never forget.
"I love you."
He grinned.
"I love you too, mom."


Jenn and Josh said...

So sweet, I love it!

Jill T said...

so cute. He's lucky to have such an amazing Mom!