Friday, December 4, 2009

Signs that Grandpa Geoff has been here

I came home from a morning of errands and our front yard was fully mowed, manicured and trimmed

and then I saw the back yard

Papa Geoff defied all odds by sneaking a camera in to William's Tai-Kwon-Do class. I don't even want to know what Master McCray was thinking

He poses with the kids with his new mustache

After two total knee replacements' and a total hip, oh yeah, and surgery to remove his toes, he is found on his hands and knees scrubbing my bathroom floor

here is is teaching his grandkids to break the rules after being told not to take pictures inside the Stan hywett Hall and Gardens. William was a little nervous about getting caught, grandpa made him stay and pose.

After he has left you notice that your whole food storage has been re-organized and tidied up and every single piece of laundry in your house has been washed....TWICE.

We already miss you Papa Geoff (Naomi learned how to say papa two days ago. So now his name is no longer Grandpa, but papa)


Christine Fotheringham said...

Is he the best or what?

allison said...

wow what a great man!

The WALL Street Times said...

Hey, why doesn't Dad ever come and clean my toliets. Just because I live here doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy it. Just Kidding. Dad did do almost all my laundry this last spring and most of the summer when we didn't have a house to call home yet. He even folded them. I don't even do that. I am glad you all had fun at Thanksgiving. I missed you all. By the way, nice turning 30 picture.
Love you all,

The Allred Family said...

Seriously- How can I be the worst friend ever? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And it was your 30th. I feel horrible. Especially since I talked to you tonight! Well, at least I know we are true friends, since you still talked to me! Hope you had a great day! Looks like it!

Mike and Em said...

That picture of your dad on his hands and knees made me laugh! That is totally something that Darrel would do! Dads are the BEST! Looks like Life is good! Hope you and your family have a good Christmas!

Emily Grant

lynnette orme said...

Dad has been in bed for two days straight. I don't think he can stay without me again--you work him too hard. Glad he got some things done for you. A clean yard is the best--don't you think? We loved being with you on your birthday--thanks for the pictures--the kids are the best. Oh--the 30th picture--the true you. Love, mom
It looks like you had been at Toys R us at 11, Wallmart at 2:00 and Target at 4:30. We know how to celebrate don't we?