Monday, November 15, 2010

My Knight

So this year Jake was our "Knight in Shining Armor" for Halloween. But yesterday, a Sunday, I saw my Knight in Shining Armor walking up to me in a crowded hallway at Stake Conference.
James got called-in (pretty random) on a Saturday morning that we thought he would have off. Oh, well. I would see him the next day at noon. Sunday.
24 hours later. Sunday. I was tired by this point. But used to it...I guess.
I got the kids dressed for church and headed to Stake Conference. A 2 hour meeting. Just the kids and I...and a million other people.
I headed straight for the Relief Society room. I figured we would only disrupt a handful of people instead of the whole cultural hall.
And disrupt them we did.
Jake most of all. Well, Naomi did her share too.
Oh yeah, and William threw his 7 year old body longwise taking up four chairs because he "had a headache."
I didn't really care. Lie down.
At one point I had to take Jake out and find an empty room. I spanked his bottom.
Then William had to use the restroom. Really. I had just taken Naomi and than Jake.
I grabbed the baby and left Jake behind to fend for himself. Or actually, for the rest of the innocent people to fend for themselves...with Jake.
I sat outside the Boys room holding my baby. And then from the corner of my eye, I saw him.
A man. He looked as if he just woke up. Really, he actually never really went to sleep.
He was wearing light blue scrubs. And this old, worn out red fleece. His hair looked greasy. His tennis shoes needed a bath.
But there he was. Completely out of place. Not dressed appropriately. But at this occasion, I saw him dressed perfectly.
I guess I was perfectly in love with him.
Right at that moment.
He didn't go home to sleep. He should have.
He came to rescue me.
A damsel in distress. My knight.


Jenn and Josh said...

LOL...I just got done posting about our experience with Stake Conference on our blog too before I started reading other blogs...SOunds like you had a Sunday like we did, but I am so glad yours got better when your knight walked in to rescue you :) you guys are so cute!

Liz B.B. said...

first and foremost you are my hero that you even TOOK your kids! it was OUR stake conf and i just couldn't do it alone. i took my kids to a park, even. bad me.
second, that is the cutest thing ever. i'm so proud of james for KNOWING how hard sundays, esp. stk. conf. are on the single mom!
(p.s. totally "get" the greasy hair/scuffed shoes look...and they see patients like that?!?!)...

Ashley and Joey said...

oh now that is a good man! i'll have to make sure joe reads this ;).

The WALL Street Times said...

Way to go James.
You rock. Can't wait to see you this week.

lynnette orme said...

Oh--James you are my hero. Thanks for loving Jess. Nettie

The Allred Family said...

Ok- I can't believe you went to stake conference alone. Kuddos to james. Miss u.

Sarah said...

so sweet! i really almost cried when i read this :) yall are too cute!