Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A VERY good, NO school Day

Election Day November 2010. The boys school happens to be a voting station. NO SCHOOL!
We started the day bundling up in our winter clothes to accomplish our goal. In our county they have a "Fall Hiking Spree." If you do 8 of the designated hikes before the end of November, you get a FREE walking stick. Last year we came close but didn't quite make 8 hikes. This year, I was bound and determined to accomplish our goal. And today, a no school day, a fairly cold no school day....introducing...the newest Fall Hiking Spree Finishers! You should have seen their faces. We have been working towards this for 2 months. Awesome!

Than we celebrated by going out to "lunch". I took the kids to a pizza restaurant and we got to sit down and eat pizza in a real restaurant. They LOVED it! (I'm not sure if I did)

If that weren't enough, when daddy got home from work, we all piled in the car and headed to the "DQ". The kids award for their scripture reading. We stole this tradition from my dad who always took us down to the DQ on 13th So in SLC if we read our scriptures. The kids LOVE it! And even crazier, Jake and Nomers get the Oreo Blizzard just like their mom used to.
Ahhh, memories. The circle of life at its BEST!


Natalie said...

You are the funnest mom in the world.

Jenn and Josh said...

Sounds like an awesome day off! I wanted to do that fall hiking spree this year too, but it was too much with having delaney but next year :) that is a good idea with DQ and scriptures, I am going to have to try that out...oh and oreo blizzards are my fave but I always get an extra dose of oreo in mine :)

Sarah said...

I have been reading my scriptures, I think i deserve a trip to DQ!! So I am a bad blogger but I want you to know that I have been thinking of you lately. Lanaya is a little bit energetic (understatement) and i am constanly having people comment on her behavior, her screaming, her energy. "she is her own person", "she's something else", "wow", all constant comments and it's kind of annoying. Anyway, just call me Jessie Ford, I have an energetic child and that is ok!

Ashley and Joey said...

Jess, I love that post. I love the memories of going to "DQ" with everyone in his Buick and the suburban. Those were good times.

lynnette orme said...

Glad you are keeping some traditions alive. It worked for us. Love, Mom

Christine Fotheringham said...

DQ! I remember Geoff taking us there. Speaking of Geoff, I saw your Dad the other night at my parent's house. As I drove away, I thought, it's no wonder I love Bird so much . . . she comes from great stock! I love your parents. Love you too.